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Good afternoon ladies and gents of “the” X-Army“, I hope you all had a productive week. Today we will be diving into The Rock’s latest blockbuster, Skyscraper. To say this least this was an experience. From nostalgia to “Did I See This Before?” came to mind. Well without further jibber-jabber, lets dive right into it!



FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran Will Sawyer now assesses security for skyscrapers. On assignment in Hong Kong he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he’s been framed for it. A wanted man on the run, Will must find those responsible, clear his name and somehow rescue his family who are trapped inside the building above the fire line.



Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sawyer, an independent security analyst. He must rescue his family from one of the tallest buildings in world, which becomes engulfed inflames. Neve Campbell plays Sarah Sawyer in the film. She is the emotional support for Will and a pretty darn good mother and wife. Pablo Schreiber plays Ben, a former rescue team member with Will. In the film he betrays Will for profit after the completion of the building. Chin Han plays Zhao Long Ji, the mind behind the building’s development. He is torn between letting the building burn to the ground which would destroy evidence or hand over key information to protect the people who are around him. Roland Moller plays the main villain of the movie Kores Botha. His central goal of the film is to retrieve a drive that contains his blackmail embezzlement footprint from off-shore accounts. Finally Brian Mann plays Inspector Wu in the film. He is a Chinese officer that takes an interest in Will’s attempts to rescue his family.



The first set-piece sees Will prepping for the final security system diagnostics for the now “World’s Tallest Building”, the Pearl. Ben takes him out to see the sights where a thief steals a tablet the Will has. This tablet controls the entire building and the goals is for the bad guys to use it to destroy the building. The second set-piece sees Will still having the tablet and Ben revealing that he was the one who helped the thief mug him. Ben threatens to kill him if he didn’t hand over the tablet, but The Rock had to be unleashed. Will fatally wounds Ben, who informs Will that the grunts are on their way to his apartment to kill him. Will makes a run for it where he is jumped again by the entire group who finally take the tablet.


The third set-piece sees Sarah and the kids witnessing a strange group of men in the building who welcomes them. Sarah has a bad feeling towards them and ups her guard. The men, who turned out to be Botha and his grunts, create an explosion in the building and causes it to burn floor by floor. The group with the tablet turns off the security systems of the building and helps the flame engulf it in a more rapid fashion. Will sees this on local news and makes his way to the building. The fourth set-piece sees Will making a spectacle of himself, entertaining the Chinese crowd while risking his life to jump from a crane into the building at a very unbelievable height. The fifth set-piece sees Botha and his men chasing Zhao down for the drive, only to have him seal himself into a secret room of the building. Botha finds Will’s family and uses them as leverage to make him open the sealed room. Will risks his life once again for his family’s safety.


The sixth set-piece sees Will entering the room asking Zhao to surrender for his family’s sake, which he humbly agrees to. The two make their way to the roof meet Botha where Zhao threatens to shoot Will, which was a trick to rescue Will’s daughter. Zhao and Will uses reflective mirrors to fool Botha, which works in their favor as they manage to blow him up. The final set-piece sees Will and his family properly reuniting and coming together as one. Zhao turns the incriminating evidence against Botha and his syndicate to the local police. He promises to rebuild and new skyscraper and make his dream of bringing a large building into the world a reality.

Conclusion & Rating|


This movie was horrible. I gave this movie a 2.5 out of 5 because I am a fan of the Rock. First off the script for the movie makes no sense and the acting was horrendous. The Rock has played memorable roles in previous years that have been good, but this role didn’t fit him specifically. It seems like a role for an up-and-coming actor in the industry and not a A list star. To me it felt like watching Speed from back in the 90s, but with a big building. I don’t know what I expected from this movie, but it wasn’t to be entertained. I felt more irritated by the fact I paid to watch this film. It’s more of a Chinese audience centered film with explosions and amazing physics than a compelling film. If you want to see this garbage just turn your brain off and you may enjoy it, but for people who want to see something worth your money please don’t see this. But you are free to choose and this is just my opinion.

Guys thanks for checking out our review of Skyscraper, please have a good evening, stay tuned for more content, and be safe out there. Take it easy!

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