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Good afternoon ladies and gents, I hope you are all doing well. Today on the wake of the 2018 World Cup, which begins tomorrow, I want to give you my predictions of what I am hoping this tournament will be. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the heart of Mother Russia!

The Groups|

world cup groups

The groups look pretty well-balanced, but the Group of Death for me has to be D. At first glance you know Argentina has to be the clear favorite here and that i a given, but Nigeria and Croatia has their own share of star power themselves. Iwobi for Nigeria will be pulling the strings and Modric will be leading Croatia with his high work-rate. But second in this group I feel will be Iceland. I don’t know what it is about Iceland but you get the feeling they are a fantastic group of genuine friends that work hard. Not over-the-top star power, but a solid team unit that impressed me as a viewer in the 2016 Euros and that will make them a team to watch in this group. No weak teams are in this specific group because each fundamentally has their own style of play. Nigeria with a high press, Argentina with creativity to burn, Croatia with technically gifted players so expect of Tiki-Taka football, and Iceland with a strong work ethic.

The remaining groups seem straight-forward and not disrespect to any of the other teams, but they are not the best tactically. It’s an honor to see these teams come in and share their style, but in the grand scheme most won’t make it. So from Group A I see Uruguay and Egypt making it through, in B Portugal and Spain, C is a hard one but France and then it’s between Denmark/Australia, D is Argentina and the fairytale team Iceland, E Brazil and Serbia, F Germany and I am pulling for Korea, G is my choice England and Belgium, and finally in H I feel Colombia and Senegal. A long running sentence, but those are my choices from the groups provided. I hope the teams that eventually will be eliminated enjoy themselves and make a strong account for their countries.

My Team|


Entering biased territory, but I am pulling for England. Being part English I feel we can do something special in the cup. Not saying we will win the whole thing, but you never know in tournament football. Gareth Southgate has really changed the atmosphere of the England training camp and did what we all do in Fifa…promote youth. For years I have seen the same players play for England and nothing changes. Repetition right. I watch the English Premier League religiously and know that there are mad young guns in the country just not being given a chance to play. Gareth was the under-21s coach and he knows a vast majority of the youngsters, so I know the players he has brought trusts him and in return he trusts them.

When I see England I see pace and organization. Creativity is there, but the balance of youth and experience is what I feel will make a difference. Keeping Cahill in the squad was the best choice for the young defenders to learn from and having no Rooney was a ballsy statement back in August, which was the best decision for Rooney and England’s progress. But the decision that made me see that Gareth has balls of steel was dropping Joe Hart. Now I am not a fan of him, though he is a good goal-keeper. I find him arrogant and from a logical perspective his form was all over the place. I think this was the worst season he has had in his career and it makes you realize that without a world-class defense to protect him he is just an ordinary keeper. But England look good and well-balanced, so let’s see how far we can go.

The Camera Men & Robbie Williams|


Now I don’t know if the camera men in Fifa competitions are all perverts, but as a man I appreciate the scouts they have. Many a World Cup has passed where these men find some of the most attractive women in the stands and even in the home nations of the teams. Whoever the main scout is for these amazing visuals all I can say is you guys do your work. South Africa has the many women from Holland in the stands and the young lady in Paraguay. I am looking forward to see what will be the off field story in this World Cup. We all know scandals and so on are on the horizon.


In the bum crack of dawn we will all be honored with the vocals of Mr. Robbie Williams. A man dedicated to soccer aide and charity work. I honestly hope he does well. He is no Shakira, but he is pretty good. With the fact Russia opens us and may not get too far, I hope he does his thing. Robbie flipping Williams. But hey Will Smith has a track out for the competition and it’s good.

In Conclusion|


I am looking forward to the competition. Messi’s final chance to prove he is the best ever, Ronaldo’s opportunity to write himself in history books, and a chance to once again do the Iceland clap. I honestly can’t wait. Since the first time I watched my birth nation of Jamaica in the 1998 World Cup I was hooked. I hope there will be surprises in Russia in a positive sense. Russia has a negative representation as of late, but I find it a country rich in culture and uniqueness. I wish the Russian national team the best of luck, though not the best team in the world. Let’s sit back and see who win the whole thing, with some extraordinary performances.

Guys thank you for checking out my World Cup Predictions. Let’s all have fun watching it and be inspired. Please follow us to help us grow, stay tuned for more content, and have a safe rest of your day. Take it easy!

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  1. Beverley Simms says:

    Loved the predictions and thought your overall review of the teams was spot on!! Hopefully the best team will win.

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