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Good morning ladies and gents of the X-Army we hope your Saturday is going well, today we will be diving into the best movie I have seen so far this year in Hostiles. It was a movie that took me back to the Bonanza or Gun Smoke era in the entertainment world back in the day. Thanks to my grandmother I got into westerns and it has since been a genre I enjoyed. So without any further waffling, let’s jump right into it.



In 1892, legendary Army Capt. Joseph Blocker reluctantly agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne war chief and his family back to their tribal land. Embarking on a harrowing and perilous journey from Fort Berringer, N.M., to the grasslands of Montana, they soon encounter a young widow whose family was killed on the plains. The travelers must now band together to survive a punishing landscape that’s crawling with hostile Comanches and vicious outliers.



Christian Bale brings the charisma as Capt. Joseph J. Blocker. He is the main protagonist and a legendary U.S Martial who reluctantly has to take a Native American who he personally has beef with back to his native land. Rosamund Pike plays Rosalie Quaid, a woman living on the range with her family that gets attacked by some natives. She witnesses her children killed and husband scalped, which leads her to hating other Native Americans and instilling a strong distrust for anyone. Wes Studi plays Chief Yellow Hawk, a former war general for his people. He is growing ill and requests to be taken back to his native land with the rest of his family. Turns out his escort his a former enemy.

Jesse Plemons, a.k.a Lance (from Friday Night Lights), plays Lt. Rudy Kidder. He is one of Joseph’s right hand men, and personally one of his best roles I have seen. Ben Foster comes in and plays a minor antagonist as Sgt. Charles Wills. He is a traitor to the U.S Martial code of conduct and is supposedly on his way to prison. Finally we have Adam Beach and Q’orianka Kilcher who play Black Hawk and Elk Woman respectively. The are the remaining family members of Chief Yellow Hawk and are husband and wife. The Native Americans are well represented here.



The first set-piece kicks off on a ranch to the Quaid family who are having their usual day of work and schooling. But a group of savages decide to attack the family to steal their horses. Rosalie witnesses her family being murdered by the group and manages to escape into some nearby woods. This opening sequence is one of the best portions of the movie. We see the eat or be eaten mentality on the range back in the day and it was brilliantly shot. The second set-piece sees Joseph returning from one of his final missions back to the U.S Martial camp where he is told that he has been given the task of escorting on of his most hated rivals back to his land in Montana. This obviously doesn’t go well and he reluctantly agrees. His superior commander threatens him with AWOL and imprisonment, which turns out to be the most effective way to make the man do a job he clearly doesn’t want to do.


The third set-piece sees Joseph gathering his men and taking Yellow Hawk and his family out of the Martial’s Outpost. We see the animosity Joseph has for Yellow Hawk to the point he gives him a knife preparing to kill the Chief right there and then. Joseph takes back the knife and continues their journey. The fourth set-piece sees the group meetup with Rosalie cradling the corpses of her family in her burnt home. This scene captures the shock and PTSD in her. Being reluctant to accept the Matial’s help and having an episode burying her family. The fifth set-piece sees the new formed group being attacked by the same savages that killed Rosalie’s family. She ends up getting retribution for her family by killing a crap ton of them. Even to the point where she empties a revolver into one of the already dead savages. Wow a woman scorned huh.


The sixth set-piece sees the introduction of the traitor Charles while at a Martial check-point, where Joseph leaves one of his hurt Martials after the fight with the savages. Charles is given to Joseph and his men to take along with the other natives to Montana. We learn here that Charles was one of Joseph’s comrades that fought Yellow Hawk and his people. At a new camp setup by the group, Charles unleashes exposition to the group, explaining his reasoning for treason. That night he ends up murdering Ruddy and escaping. One of Joseph’s men who had a death wish, and obvious PTSD himself, goes after him and kills him. This intern leads him to kill himself and be free. The final set-piece sees them making it to the land and burying Yellow Hawk, who died as they got there. The group encounters the lands owner who attacks the group with his sons, who intern gets kills. The remaining survivors of the journey are Joseph, Rosalie, and the child of Black Hawk and Elk woman. The end credits sees Rosalie taking in the child and going East to start a new life, leading Joseph to join them after confirming his leave from the U.S Martials.

Conclusion & Rating|


I love this movie and everything it stood for. The cinematography, story line, and characters were unreal. Like I said in the intro I love Westerns and the pacing of them. Nice and slow with heavy dialogue. Not just slow and boring because other films do this and have no substance. With this you feel the dialogue and the scenes within the environments they are in. I give this a solid 5 out of 5, one of the best movies I have seen so far this year. People you will enjoy it. If you want something else to go along you Marvel intake, try this wonderful film. It gives you a patience/reward feel when you have to hear and appreciate each character which leads to some good action scenes.

Ladies and gents thank you for checking out this review of Hostiles, please follow us on here as it helps us grow and stay tuned for more content. Have a great rest of your day and take it easy!


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  1. moviewarden says:

    Good movie👍😎…loved it. That opening scene is priceless👌


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