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Good morning ladies and gents, hope all is well in your respective lives. Today I am going off the cuff and vent about the epidemic of female teachers having relations with their students. I personally find it disgusting and anyone who sees this as a “good job” or “lucky kid” is a sad specimen of a human in my opinion. But let’s not beat around the bush, let’s dive into it.

The Idea That This Is A Good Thing|


I grew up in the 90s and I remember sneaking to watch movies that had really good-looking women in them. The contained the fantasy of some scrawny teen boy having sex with his hot teacher and bragging about it to his friends, who in return gives him high fives for the brass of his actions. It was seen as a “Oh Dude You Got Lucky” kind of thing. When I had my child filters on I thought that was something to aspire to. But my puberty phase didn’t make me that desperate to spill seed and see my teacher anything less than figures of authority. I come from a background of beatings in school and public shame from teachers. So the interest in teachers from my perspective was like a police officer holding a piece of chalk, with also having the power to contact my parents for further punishment.

These bunch of sexual predators now do not look like the individuals I grew up with. Teachers these days look good because we live in a looks obsessed society now, so the appearances look more revealing and more open. I am not a person who tells people what to wear after all it’s your body, but there is a time and place for everything. If you go to a school in some revealing clothes around puberty stricken children, boys or girls, you know what attention you are garnering. Some of them I feel do it to get an ego boost they are missing in their life from either their partners or being on the prowl. Regardless they find ways to justify the actions they are doing.



As I just mentioned, some of these women do it for the lack of attention they are getting from men or women and find that enticing a teen can get their ego up. As humans we crave attention. We want to feel like people find us attractive and desired, but are you telling me there is no one your own age to sleep with. The stereotype or legit truth is that ‘It’s Not Hard For Women To Get Sex” or a sexual partner to scratch that itch for them. These female teachers that are getting caught are not horrid looking, so why not go to a bar and get what you need? Is your seduction game on people around your age is that weak you can’t pull someone?

It blows my mind, but the kicker is these women justify this with “Feelings Of Loneliness”. You feel lonely do you? Get a dog, cat, or a hobby that you can grow from. Why ruin a child’s life for your personal pleasure? If you feel like this then work on your self-esteem so that when you are lonely you can be content within yourself to not feel like garbage or that no one wants you. I also am of the belief that these women missed the boat in college or mainly high school where they were not hit on by someone they deems hot to be with. Most girls pick the best looking guys to fit a societal need to be with the best for the status. Good for you. The star quarterback, the captain of whatever team, or the random guy that you wanted to lose your virginity to so they look for one that reminds them of that person. Look you are a grown person and you need to be held accountable for your actions. This feelings excuse is just a tired excuse. I know based on stereotype women don’t fundamentally use logic in decision-making but mainly feelings, but these women need to understand that doing this they are going to ruin their careers.

They Are Kids At The End Of The Day|


I volunteer as a Small Group Leader at my church and when I see the children there that’s exactly what I see, children. I don’t care how developed or insert Y reason here, they are children. I have been instilled a trust to mentor and watch these kids. It’s not hard to recognize that is the street has speeding cars going in each direction I shouldn’t cross, so why do these women not see that the children in their place of work are under their protection and tutelage. Turn off your uncontrolled sexual urges, those fantasies of turning out some teen, and work on yourselves. If you are such a sexual person that your sexual urges are on overdrive, sort yourselves out in your private lives. Don’t affect a child in that way and then play dumb or use your looks to get away with being a garbage human being.

To Sum This Up|


My plea to the one’s who have not been caught YET is to stop. If you are 23 and got lucky in your career to solidify a job in your field recognize that you will be ruining your credibility as an educator. You are mentally classed as a predator and a pedophile. Regardless if you don’t get caught for year or your entire career as a teacher, you know what you did/doing is wrong. You will inadvertently have guilt. But personally I hope you all get caught, male and female. You honestly deserve to be isolated from being around children based on the choice you made. The sentences you all get is a joke and you deserve more time behind bars. I constantly see the female teachers get a slap on the wrist and as a man who wants kids I find it disgusting. People who do fewer crimes get harsher sentences, but because you “look good” you get a free pass. Bull-crap is what I find that as and you know it too.

At the end of the day the dumb kids you all are screwing are bragging about your conquests to their friends and others over-hear, then report to the right authority. So you will get your just deserts soon enough, so until that day try to be an adult and walk away from the situation. Turn yourselves in or better yet quit your job and wipe the slate clean. I am honestly not sorry for you and your career in this, but as a man with a set of balls big enough to call you disgusting people out and tell you how I truly feel. If your husbands or wives or not doing it for you then get a divorce and be with someone who fills what you need, but not a child. They are the ones who I feel sorry for, but immature and heavily ignorant men out there who never had sex in their lives say these boys are lucky. I ask these idiots this question, “If this was your child being groomed and taken for a measly sexual need like garbage or a sex toy, would they be lucky then”?

Guys I leave on that note, thanks for checking out this Real Talk post. Please follow us as it helps us grow and have an amazing weekend. Take it easy!


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