What A Load Of Rubbish (Rant)| Sports Recap


Ladies and gentlemen good afternoon, it’s been an impressive few weeks as an Arsenal fan. The things I am seeing is starting to make me realize how far we are from the other teams in the Prem and across Europe. That sexist statement they tell unattractive guys is “She is way out of your league”, well watching Arsenal play Manchester City showed the levels the club has fallen. I watched and I couldn’t help but laugh due to embarrassment. On social media I make it known I am an Arsenal fan and I am proud of the old version of the club, not these arrogant bunch of pretty-boys. The effort I saw from them yesterday was priceless with no one running and tackling. I question at times what they work on the training pitch during the week. Lazy is the only word.

Manchester City are the best team in England and arguably in Europe too. Pep has them running like clock work. The pace they have is scary and the class of players they have is just unbelievable to compare. In each position they have a World-Class player, both on the pitch in the starting eleven and on the bench/reserves. I give them all the respect in the world, even though they used money to get to this point…that’s what investment is for. When I was younger and I read Man City was getting pumped full of money to reach Real Madrid’s level I thought it was unfair, but now I wish our owners did that for our team. Penny-pinching serves no purpose in the current climate and the players that we do need are not in the bargain bin.


Now I as Stefan doesn’t earn nearly 10 million pounds a year and speak 5 different languages like the genius leading our team. Arsene Wenger please step forward and allow me to speak a bit of my mind, after all this is my opinion. Leave, just leave and retire. Find something else to do in your life besides bring a once legendary club down to the pits of hell. There is no shame in admitting defeat. I took a job where I was confident in, but learned that I was out of my depth style-wise. I took a career risk and I am proud, but I have to start over and find a new home for myself to contribute to. Do the same please. I personally don’t like this version of you, but I respect your achievements in the game of football/soccer in the past. But that’s the past and a new breed of tactics and styles are out now. You can’t win in this current culture because you are out of your league. You did your thing and earned a living, but what I see you doing now is a joke.

How can you have all these talented players and not know how to motivate them? How can you not know how to find the right players for the issued positions we have had for decades now? A defensive midfielder, goal-keeper, and some intelligent center-backs. What do you see? I honestly want to know because from my perspective I see shit and shit sinking quickly. I see a man draining the joy and excitement out of supporters and players. So just turn your resignation in and leave man. Next up are the players. You all on your hundreds of thousands of pounds a week and can’t find the motivation to win a trophy. Money, women, fancy cars, and enhanced reputations, you players have it all. So no need to actually try to win a game right? No need to put effort into anything since you guys already made it right? Each person has a goal in life and they find ways to aim for it, but you players seem like perfect beings. No need to improve and change.


The fans deserve more to be blunt. Trophies, victories in matches, top-class performances, and player who actually give a crap. Hector Bellerin is a player that falls into the category of no effort required. He has no one competing for him position and as a result he is complacent to me. He knows he will play in every game because he is the only right-back in the team. But Mr. Bellerin as a 22-year-old spoiled brat you need to change your disgusting attitude. I am a fan living in the States and I don’t waste my money to fund your wages, but for the fans who go to the games to watch the players but you specifically put in garbage performances and not care, that’s where I have a problem. Telling fans to basically not to bash or speak our minds after you guys disgrace the club is where you young man passed your place.

I was there before you were even on the books at Arsenal and I remember when you broke through to the first team, I was proud of you as any fan would. But where do you get off telling people to not voice their critiques on abject performances and saying we profit off you failing. Buddy I run this blog with my brother and we do this for fun. The goal, because we have goals we set, is to get our company’s name out their and put out content that makes sense. I don’t profit, but put out how I feel in various forms of media. That’s what I do and others do them. I have to admit you have a decent set of balls to call out the people who go to watch you beneficiaries of failure. Must be the girlfriend, the hair-style, or the wage you are on that pumps up your arrogance. Calm it down and run back to Barcelona. They sold you and saw you originally as inadequate. SO go back there and enjoy the bench. This is not out of bitterness but the truth. The grass is not always greener kid.


Anyway sorry for the depressing post guys and I know it’s been a minute since we wrote a post, but we are back to the full swing after some career risks. Arsenal are not the same anymore and I feel sorry for people who still feel something will happen this season. It’s not over yet, but mathematically it’s not realistic for us to salvage something this season. Anyway guys hope you enjoyed this little rant, stay tuned for more content and please follow us. Have a great week and take it easy!


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