Deadline Day and Other Drama| Sports Recap

Arsenal v Norwich City - Premier League


Good afternoon ladies and gents of the X-Army on this Transfer Deadline Day. The world of football (soccer) is going nuts today with players going here, there, and everywhere. Point is it’s just a circus right now. I am here to talk about a few things, so let’s get to it.

Improvement or Stagnation|


After last night’s defeat to Swansea in the Premier League, I realized that because we have no wingers at the club anymore we lack width. Iwobi is not a winger and lacks the pace to make the kinds of runs that we need in a league like this. My main issue with this team is mainly the defensive aspect, but we have no creativity anymore from the flanks. Sure I never like Sanchez, and probably the only Arsenal fan who doesn’t care he left, but what he offered was that bit of imagination from the left of the pitch. So we need a winger and Nelson may be too young for the main team at the moment. However, he is pretty damn good.

But like I was saying earlier we lost to Swansea and with the addition of Henrikh, we still looked flat. There is no desire in the team and quite frankly they are boring to watch now. Back in the day or from between 1998-2008 we played the brand of football Wikipedia mentioned we do. Free-flowing football with a ton of passing and speed. Kinda like what Barcelona does, but we like to pass side to side and walk the ball in. It was nice when the team had good players in it, but now that everyone in the League caught up to the way we play its like we are going backward. So even though we gained a failed Manchester United player into the team, we still don’t have what we need to cause damage. Even to lower teams based on the table.

So We Sign Abuba and Lost Giroud|


Arsenal actually spent 60 million pounds on a player in Pierre which solves the Sanchez/talismanic figure we lost. The problem is we lose Giroud in the whole mix. I have never been Giroud’s greatest fan, but I owe him a massive amount of praise. A hard-working player with a strong left foot shot. So good luck to him at Chelsea. A so-called rival to us, but it’s a better team and I honestly wish him nothing but the best over there.

The Treatment of Gerard|


Now, this player has never played for my team, but I am a fan of his from playing Fifa. Gerard Deulofeu has been one of the players that is unfortunate to be in this Barcelona web of push and pull. When this guy was at Everton I saw him sporadically play against us and he was good, but he had an issue with his form and work-rate in other games. When I read that the guy was going back to the Camp Nou, I was genuinely shocked he agreed to it. I understand that he had a buy-back clause, but can’t he refuse to go back there. Barcelona, in my personal opinion, is a wasteful club when it comes to their youth players. The guy played for them before but they choose to sell himself due to him not being up to par. So when Everton snapped him up I was cool with it because we have another talented guy in the League, plus I can buy him in Fifa Ultimate Team.

When he went back to them last summer because Neymar was gearing up for a Parisian adventure, I was okay with the idea of it as it would give him a flank to play on. But when they bought Dembele I wasn’t sure what they were going to do with him. Inevitably they played him rarely and he mainly features for the under-23s. He is being wasted at Barcelona and I feel that he could be a better servant at a different club, which thanks to the Transfer Window he finds himself back in England. It’s a loan, but I hope he takes this chance and realizes that there is more than Barcelona out there for him. I understand he came through the ranks of whatever, but he is too good to be wasted away at a club that claims to put through youth. A majority of their promising players are not there and they tend to buy them back when they develop into better players. It makes sense to buy back or buy when the player is good, but if you had them before and you are the so-called ” Best Team” then why not keep them yourself. How Barcelona is run is none of my business as I am not a fan or them nor their philosophy, but they have talent that they purposely waste away. Gerard is a man I want to succeed because he is that good.



Overall this has been a good window for many teams, my club personally. But there is more that needs to be done and those important changes will have to wait until the summer. We may have patched the wound in terms of player, but there are some serious holes in the team that needs fixing. I give this January Transfer Window a 2.5 out of 5. We do need a new defender, a defensive midfielder, and a new goalkeeper because as we saw last-night Cech is kinda passed it and rightfully so. The man is old and he should be a teacher to the younger keepers instead of being the main man. I don’t know, but the decisions we need are not hard to pinpoint. Chess, not checkers people.

Thank you guys for checking out this blog post, please stay tuned for more Sports Recaps and other great content from us. Please follow us as it helps us grow and stay safe out there. Take it easy!

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