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Good evening ladies and gents hope your weekend went in a positive direction and are now preparing for a new work week. Today we will be reviewing Den Of Thieves and boy was it an experience. The twists, drama, and tension was something I shared in a theater full of people. Without any more delay, let’s dive straight into it.



The movie follows Nick O’Brien and his Sheriff’s Department on a quest to stop a recently released kingpin, Ray Merrimen. Merrimen, a former military expert, plans to do the biggest heist in U.S. history by robbing the Federal Reserve. With his group of criminals who specialize in tech and weaponry, Merrimen and his merry-men have the supreme advantage. But with all good things or groups, there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Will Nick and his Sheriff crew stop Merrimen and his merry men before they make their score?



Gerard Butler plays Nick, a hardcore Sheriff who doesn’t play by the rules. We see the depth of his character as an unfaithful husband, dirty cop, and the only love in his life is his work. Pablo Schreiber plays Merrimen, the mastermind behind the heist. He is a recently released kingpin who plots to do a large score and live the life of luxury when it’s all done. O’Shea Jackson Jr. plays Donnie, the real star of this movie. He is a bartender who drives for Merrimen’s crew and is often the guineapig for certain missions. 50 Cent plays Levi, the best friend to Merrimen. He and Merrimen were deployed together when they served and grew up together prior to that. He is the second in command to Merrimen within the crew.



The first set-piece takes us to L.A. where we are educated on the fact that virtually everyday a bank is robbed. We see Merrimen and his crew high-jack a bulletproof money truck, like a Brinks truck, where they kill a few cops in the process. When the crew returns to their hideout they learn that the truck was empty and the cops they killed didn’t deserve to die as a result. This is where we find out that despite them being hardened criminals, they don’t see the value in ending a life. The second set-piece sees Nick introduced to the crime scene and tries to figure out the motives being the cop killing. He pieces evidence together and ends up in a bar where Donnie works. He kidnaps Donnie and interrogates him on what Merrimen is up to. Donnie spills the beans and Nick lets him go with the pretense that he will be keeping an eye on him.

The third set-piece takes up away from the movie and into a Lifetime drama where Nick’s wife discovers he has been cheating with prostitutes. She takes their two girls and goes to her sister’s place, which results in them divorcing. Moving on…the fourth set-piece takes us ironically to a Strip Club where Merrimen’s girlfriend strips at. He leaves and sleeps with her only to run into Merrimen himself at their home. This itself was a very tense scene, but it was the goal of Merrimen to begin with. He used his girlfriend to lure Nick in so that he can have his number. After this encounter, Donnie fills the Sheriff’s in on the day the heist is going down and warns that is may not end well for them. Nick accepts the challenge.

Den of Thieves

The fifth set-piece sees the day of the heist but in a decoy location. Merrimen leads the police to a far-off bank where they put on a show only to escape down the sewer system to go through with the actual plan. They make it to the Federal Reserve and manage to get a hold of the old money, leaving the cops at the old location to realize they are not in that bank. They rush to the Federal Reserve to catch them before they get away but are too late. Nick and his crew manage to catch Donnie in broad daylight and beats the crap out of him so he can tell them where Merrimen is. He does and they catch up to their getaway car. This leads to a shootout with the two groups which results in Merrimen and his crew dying. The final set-piece sees the money Merrimen was carrying in his car was nothing by styrofoam. It turns out that Donnie was the double-crosser in this entire movie. It is revealed that Merrimen knew Donnie was a bigshot kingpin and hid his identity so his crew would not suspect him being one of the top dons of the area. Donnie and his undercover crew which include members of the federal reserve, a security guard, and a few members of Merrimen’s crew. It was a hell of a twist and he got away with it. So go, Donnie!



This movie started off as a generic heist movie, with famous stars who act all alpha and portray a dick measuring contest amongst each other. But there is so much more to in that I first originally thought. The drama, suspense, the ass whooping for ole Donnie boy, and the twists n’ turns. This movie for me was a solid 4 out of 5. Pure enjoyment from start to finish and you will not be bored, that’s the Xagon guarantee.

Guys thank you so much for checking out our review of Den Of Thieves, please stay tuned for our review for The Commuter and other great content. Please follow us to help us grow more and thank you so much for your time. Take it easy.

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