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Arsenal v Norwich City - Premier League




It’s ironic that I come back to this team and subject myself to weekly mental abuse of seeing indecisive decisions take place. A team that I support from back in the day and this is where we are. As an Arsenal fan it hurts me to say that we are garbage, and that’s a fair assessment of the current team. I find the Leadership of the team is in massive melt-down here. I didn’t grow up with Wenger, but the majority of the years that I understood the game itself he is the one man who has been dictating the club. I use dictating to its actual meaning. This man is a selfish tyrant who needs to go. There is no where he can take the current team and us as fans. I fear that if by some miracle we get some good players in, if they decide to spend money, Wenger will coach the confidence out of them.

As a coach that has had the success he has achieved he should have left at the end of last season when we won the F.A Cup. Why he is still here is just a joke at this point. He lost the dressing-room, or locker-room, and the players don’t give a crap about him. As a man who watches his game using streams I can see it. The players look unsatisfied and lacking spark to get that extra wind during the game. Look the Wenger has led the team through some crap seasons and I have experienced a majority of those, but he needs to leave and accept that he is not good enough in this current era. The owner is a billionaire who doesn’t care about the club and the people in the background of the club are just yes men. We need a new manager who can give the players and the club a boost. A new leader at the elm would do wonder, but it will never happen.


Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League

The Alexis Sanchez situation is one that I have seen too many times and it needs to stop. I have seen the likes of Henry, Fabragas, and Cashri (Nasri) leave the club and consequentially placed us in a hard position. How can we call ourselves a big club when out best players go to our rivals and better them. We are not a nursery but a club that competes in various competitions across Europe. We need to deal with these players and contract situations better that this stops happening.

Back to Alexis, the guy is gone and rightfully so. If I was in top shape and a player I would want to leave Arsenal too. Wenger surrendered all the power in leaving to both Alexis and Ozil, and now we are seeing the effects of it. He can demand between now and the summer where he goes and the wages he can demand. It’s good that a player or anyone knows their worth, but losing our best player is a sight I am personally sick and tired of us doing. The players hold the club to ransom. Whether ts be results, lack of trying to play football, or just refusing to play unless they have their money. It’s a business, but the lack of heart and will is sad to see.



Honestly what this season has shown me is that I as a fan cannot trust in this club as a whole. The players are literally there only for the money and the short shelf life they have as assets. But the manager’s transfer problems, the board of directors lying to us that we are in a position to compete, and the fact the owner cares nothing about the team. Like I said in a previous post I was glad to see the team win since I started taking being a fan seriously. I enjoyed seeing the club win 3 trophies and the performances of great football they produced. All of that is gone now and it’s every one of the suits’ fault. We have money but don’t spend, we develop players but sell them to rivals, and are told we can compete but only do so for top four places just to make the Champions League.

Last season I was glad we never made the Champions League and ended up in the Summer League (Europa League) because it was what we deserved for garbage performances and diva players. A league where no attention is given and no fan wants to watch. Right where we belong. We have kids coming through specifically a little Jamaican named Reiss Nelson who I feel has something special, but I don’t trust Wenger to give him the development he deserves. I fear the gems coming through will go on and  be special players elsewhere. Wenger needs to go and that the only way the flushing of this club will begin. Him, the staff he supposedly employed, and the own needs to leave.


I miss the glory days at this club, as a follower of football, and as a man who plays it to keep fit and inspired. I miss when teams fear us, when we had a REAL style of play, and when we had players that are capable. But those days are gone and the other teams are beyond us by miles. Sad to see other teams surpass us, but it’s a message that change needs to happen. But only time will tell. I am an Arsenal fan through and through, but something needs to happen.

Thanks for reading and stay turned for upcoming content. Have a great night.

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