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Good afternoon ladies and gents of the X-Army, hope your week was good. If it wasn’t well we have the next week to kick-start a fresh outlook. Today we will be reviewing a movie that was on the back-burner for a while, Father Figures. Yay? Well let’s not delay the inevitable any longer. So buckle up, get your Starbucks coffee ready (not sponsored), and lets just dive right in.



The movie follows the Kyle and Peter Reynolds, two brothers who discover that due to their mother’s wild youth they don’t know who their father actually is and that their mother has been lying to them their entire lives about this. When they discover this the two set out on a mission to find their father where ever he could be. They go down the long list of men their mother slept with to find different variations of their ideal dad. From an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback to a thief. On their journey they discover more about their mother than they wanted, rebuild a dying brotherly relationship, and having the time of their lives in the mix.



Ed Helms plays Peter Reynolds, a boring divorcee who lost enthusiasm for life. Plus he is a butt doctor, which is a running joke throughout the movie. Owen Wilson Plays plays Kyle Reynolds, the rich twin and the one who has the “perfect” life. His ultimate character arc is coming to terms with being like his brother and starting a family of his own when is money is gone. Glenn Close plays Helen, the mother of Peter and Kyle. Her past comes back to haunt her when they learn that their father isn’t who she told them he was. Turns out she is not their actual mother but an adoptive one. Katt Williams plays a hitchhiker in the movie. It was good to see that he wasn’t the typical stereotype, but a good mediator for the twins to get some resolutions on their journey. Finally we have Christopher Walken as Dr. Walter Tinkler, a local animal doctor and a vital piece to the confusing puzzle.



The first set-piece takes place at Helen’s wedding, where Peter discovers that the photo of his supposed father had a role on Law & Order. He confronts his mother about it and informs both him and Kyle that she doesn’t know who their father is. The two are rightfully shocked and decide to go on a journey to find who he is. The second set-piece takes the men to Florida where they meet Terry Bradshaw, who confesses to having a long romance with their mother and the boys are convinced they found their father. Unfortunately he is not and the boys have to continue their search. The third set-piece takes place up north where they meet Roland Hunt who had a pure physical relationship with their mother. His reaction was not the best at first, but he warms up to the idea and takes them on a car-jacking where he steals rich people’s cars. They end up failing the theft and ends up in a hospital visit. Roland ends up worse than the boys and ends up telling them he is most likely not their father, which is proved with a DNA test.


The fourth set-piece sees the boys discouraged and end up in a traffic jam. They see a hitchhiker and ask if he needs a life, with the pretence he not murder them. Katt Williams helps the boys in an ongoing argument of comparing of lives and both realize they are not happy. It takes a near death experience for the two to find the brotherly love they have been missing. So thank you Katt for your therapy and rational with these two. The fifth set-piece sees the boys at a funeral where there third lead on their possible father is dead. Things get awkward when Peter sees the woman he slept with at the funeral, making him think he slept with his sister. They end up getting in a big of a scuffle where they learn that a local veterinarian may be their father. Literally across the street from where they live.


The final set piece sees the boys back home and they chase down Dr. Tinkler and questions him if he is their father or not. Helen comes in an informs the boys the real REAL truth. making me personally upset I wasted one hour seeing two grown men go across the country for nothing. So she tells them their mother was in an abusive relationship and she died in child-birth. Helen took them in when she was with Dr. Tinkler and the two raised them together, until they separated. To protect the boys they kept this to themselves and closed all doors to the truth. In the end the woman Peter slept with becomes his girlfriend, he gets a better relationship with his son, and Kyle gets a pair of twins himself.



This was a one-off movie for me personally. I have a tradition of taking myself out by myself to see a crap movie. I don’t want to take my friends, people I actually care about, to the torture. This movie was funny, but the plot made no sense. From the beginning Helen could have told the truth and the long-winded circle of events wouldn’t have taken place.I take it for what it was and it was ironic that no one was in the theater where I went, so that says something. I give this a solid 2 out of 5. You won’t benefit any from seeing this movie. If you are really BORED then go see it.

Thank you guys for checking out our review of Father Figures. Please share, follow us so we can grow, and have a fantastic weekend. Stay tuned for our next review coming soon and other great content. Have a good one and take it easy!

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