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Happy New Year!…when it comes ladies and gents. Today I wanted to recap on one hell of a year. Not focusing on the negatives because it’s the past, but I have to say this has not been a positive year for many across the world in different respects. But moving forward, the reason behind this post is to just mention what I am thankful for, give praise where it’s due, and share my hopes for the new year.


This year marked the first full year I was in therapy for my clinical depression. My battle with it came to perspective altering choice by taking medication I felt comfort in taking. SamE has changed my life for the best from day one and I am thankful I did my own research on mental health remedies. You nor I, or anyone, is weak for saying they see a therapist and take medication for it. The battles and scars I took from my childhood are now behind me and are being managed in a very healthy way thanks to my determination to get better and Michelle for allowing me to see her for free. It’s work not to fall back into a depressive cycle, but I am proud of myself for helping the guy I see in the mirror. So in the New Year I plan on keeping the momentum going.


Ask anyone who knows me personal if my mother and I had the best of relationships, you will be surprised to know that it was not. Over the years things have gotten better, but it was last Christmas to this year where things shifted. I hadn’t seen my mother in years, but communication was solid, and we had our debates/arguments on things. I began taking care of her, being an extra positive voice for her, and helped her financially the best I could. I can look back now and praise the times I was ignorant to how my mother worked because now I have a best friend I had since birth. One of the challenges now is helping her fight off cancer and I am happy to say we did it! Just radiation therapy here and there, but she is amazing and I am glad to continue to play my role in helping her. So in the New Year keep that momentum going.


I have been helping out my churches youth for almost 4 years now, a dog walker for almost 5 years, Habitat For Humanity for about a year, and various things I go involved with and I am happy to be apart of those things. Walking dogs has its perks, but i look forward to seeing these little guys once a week. Working with children has been a rewarding experience. I never saw myself being a child liking individual, but I surprised myself from day one. It’s a hell of a lot of work, but I can say that has helped me open a door in my personality I never knew I had. I look forward to the day I have my own kids because I am good with them. Lol now i know i won’t break them. Today, December 31st, I sadly had to help a guy surrender a dog to the shelter. It was sad to see, but it is best for the dog to have someone else who can give it the attention it deserves. But in the New Year keep being helpful as I can and be a positive influence to who I am around.


Yes I have had this need of moving out because living with a parent doesn’t feel good anymore. But this year I took a step back and decided to plan this thing out properly and not be rash. Not wanting to be around a negative person is a good thing to do, but placing yourself in a situation where you didn’t fully plan out defeats the purpose. I had the chance to move out, but i left my job instead. Unemployment taught me many lessons, but the main one I take is that I have become more centered in situations. Going 3 plus months without any source of income can break many people, but I kept positive and kept my faith alive. The personal growth in that period to now is what i am taking with me into the New Year. How I was in college is a massive contrast to how I am now, and I know that I can get the place i always wanted. So for 2018 keep up that momentum.


I want to see change and positivity in the world. Not asking much right. I want this cycle of negativity to stop and everyone find ways to respect each other. Reality is we all can’t get along, but the respect has to be renewed and shown. I want to see a year where we give praise to men on the same level women have been given praise. I want to see white people being proud to say I am white. I am happy and proud to be a black man, but this year seemed like a year where one race was uplifted and the other placed at the bottom of the barrel. Let every man…no let everyone regardless of race be uplifted and empowered. Empower men and make men feel special. Let our weaknesses be an okay thing to feel and work through not shamed. Point is let men be men again.

Finally what I want to see is a string of good movies that teaches anyone values in life. The constant sex-crazed movies has it’s place, but what will children grow up thinking of the world they are in. Place messages that help us all learn about value and empathy than what out body parts can do to X amount of people. Let’s get back to a time where family time means something and a mindset where we can go out and feel safe. Be mindful of others and respect each opinion heard. We may not all agree, but that is what dialogue is for.

These this will all take work and effort to achieve, but I am willing to make my contribution to these goals. We share this world and going into a New Year opens a restart button, so let’s try to make a step in the right direction. Have a great day and Happy New Year from me, the Xagon family, and my personal family. See you in 2018!


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