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Good afternoon ladies and gents of the X-Army on this Star Wars weekend of festivities. Yes beyond the traffic and sadness out there in society, we have movies as a healthy escape. Today we will be digging into Disney’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Enough with the intro, let’s just jump into it.



The Rebels have made some minor progress in the attacking of the First Order’s command ship. There efforts are futile as the First Order has them on a string thanks to the Rebel ships running on fumes. Poe, Fin, and Rose devise a plan to sneak on to the command ship and destroy their engines. Meanwhile Rey locates Luke and requests he train her in the Force, but Luke sees a dark force connecting Rey to Kylo Ren and refuses. Rey’s determination helps Luke rethink and thus gives her the education she seeks. But it may be too late to save her friends.



The cast reunites once again. Leading the line we have Daisy Ridley who plays Rey. She is an apprentice Jedi who wants to learn how it all works. Mark Hamill is back as the legend himself Luke Skywalker. The (last) surviving Jedi and the person responsible for training Kylo Ren. The Late Carrie Fisher reprises her role as Leia. She is the leader of the Rebel forces and the mother of Kylo Ren.

John Boyega returns as Finn. Recently woke from the fight with Kylo, he is out to help the rebels outrun the First order and find his friend Rey. Adam Driver comes back as Kylo Ren. The leader of the First Order and the heir to Darth Vader’s legacy. Oscar Issac comes back as Poe, the leader of the Rebel X-Wing pilots. He is set out to save his crew members at the risk of ruining his reputation. Lastly we have Kelly Marie Tran who plays Rose. The love interest for Finn and the new member in the fight. Her dream is to be apart of the Rebel’s main group and now she gets to, but through the loss of her sister.



For this movie I didn’t want to do a Set-piece breakdown because I feel it’s more deep to dissect properly and it would be cheap to break it down as I normally do to other movies. No disrespect to those films. This movie gave me some conflicting feelings watching it. I felt like I have seen this before, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. In the original trilogy Luke went off with Yoda at some point to learn more about the force and how he can harness it, just like Rey. I did my own research from what I heard other reviewers mention and the results puzzled me. There is this “Ring Theory” that somehow connects the Star Wars storyline, which is common since we live in the universe age of movies. But what one review said about the repetitious themes grabbed my attention the most. Luke and Rey are from some random planet, they have a conflict with the Force so they seek a master to train them, and they are somehow connected to the main villain of the movie.

The entire time I was with my kids I was reading every frame to see if Rey was linked to the Skywalker of Han Solo name. But her parents are some random people who deserted her, which in itself is sad yes. The link with Rey and Kylo, similar to Luke and Vader, is just a balance of good and evil which is a legit angle to go from. What it ultimately showed me was Rey is just like the lady walking her dog, who is an ordinary person who has the girt or hidden talent of the force. This was great to see in all fairness. I respect the original cast but having everyone in one bloodline would make the series itself boring. Having a random person be in the midst of this conflict by chance and so happen to have the ability means that anyone can be taught to use the Force and become a Jedi.


Back to the “Ring Theory”, I read the chart and everything else repeated. Conflict set pieces, locations and what happens there. The reason this is a downside to me personally is because there is so much more things you can explore in a UNIVERSE. I understand that a war is going on hence the name, but why not go to some other location and find a way to show how the conflict is affecting other planets. Have a different form of hope somewhere else. You have so many creatures within the movie’s universe that are not explored. People love Chewy yet we can’t understand him, but he is a beacon of hope for his people. Why just have a human be the lead and not something else. I understand in this time of feminism and showcasing “girl power” is what is needed and pushed. I get it women are awesome, knew that many years before to be fair. But having a character that is not a human would have been a risk yes, but why not try.

But seeing Rey come to understand the Force fully was a good thing as a viewer to experience. She is basically alone and the only other person that gets that is Kylo, who himself is going through stages of internal conflict. But Luke in this movie was the mediator between the two. He failed one student but succeeded with the other. His personal turmoil ends when he dies and finally is at peace with his decision to hide because he created Kylo Ren when he was young. But this end Luke’s role in the story overall. He goes out as the teacher of the two sides to one whole. Starting off as a farm boy then being a Jedi master like Yoda fulfills his arc. He will be missed overall, but his role is complete.


It leaves the faith or teachings of the Force with Rey, who herself doesn’t know a great deal about except for being raw to it. So it will be interesting to see if she will have her own legion of good students to fight the First Order. Maybe in the process free Kylo and bring him back to the good side, because these two are linked and if they do a Luke v. Vader fight then it’s already a predictable thing. If he becomes good after all he has done and attests to his murders, he could be the second Jedi. But if you have good you must have bad.

It was good to see Carrie Fisher not die in this film. It would have been easy to write her out since she is no longer with us. It will be interesting to see her in the final part to thisĀ  because although they did this with Brian in The Fast and Furious, how are they going to make a dead woman appear alive. So we will have to wait and see. No disrespect to her or the makers of this movie, but give respect to her memory and give us as fans a way to thank her for her presence and commitment to the role she played. Both past and present.



I really enjoyed the movie. Compelling CGI, cinematography, and story were all brilliant. I gave it a 3.5 out of 5 because I saw this movie already when it originally came out back in the day. Yeah it’s pretty with all its CG and witty banter, while adding a very diverse cast. But it’s the same story that if you are a Star Wars fan you will recognize. For kids they will just be lost in the movie, but if you think critically you can yes enjoy the film and notice that it’s a repetitious attempt at recreating what was done on a slim budget. Is it bad? No. Is it great? Hell no. It’s a family outing experience, a packed crowd movie going experience, and an escape into a galaxy far away. You will enjoy it and I recommend you seeing it for yourself, but this was just my take and opinion.

Thank you guys for checking out our review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Please follow us as it helps us and keeps us motivated. Have a fantastic and safe week. Happy early Christmas and take it easy!


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