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Good afternoon and happy Friday ladies and gents of the X-Army, hope this week has been fruitful to you. Today the movie of choice is Despicable Me 3. At the time this movie came out I honestly had no intention of seeing it, because it’s not for my demographic, so I just waited until it came out on a streaming service. Having had free time to see it I have formulated enough thought to write a comprehensive review. So without further ado, let’s get into it.



The third film of the franchise, Gru and his family finds out that he has a long-lost brother named Dru whom is desperate to meet him. Dru is a clumsy spy wanna-be who wants to form a force with Gru so they can continue the family legacy. Having been doing good deeds since having his family, Gru goes in circles to avoid becoming a villain once again. A crook named Balthazar Bratt steals a diamond in hopes of using it as a weapon to take hollywood down. Gru sees this as the opportunity to show Dru that being a villain may be in the family, but being the good guy/super spy can be even better.



Steve Carell comes back and does the voices of both Dru and Gru, twin brothers separated at birth due to their parents’ divorce. Together they reconnect through their love of being spys and change the family tradition set by their villain-fueled ancestors. Kristen Wiig voices Lucy, a fellow spy and wife to Gru. Her role in this movie is building a bond with the girls to further solidify herself as their mother. Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, and Nev Scharrel voices Margo, Edith, and Agnes respectively. They are the adoptive children of Gru and Lucy, in this film the embark on personal growth along with finding a unicorn. It’s a kids film dude.


To my surprise a man named Pierre Coffin voices all the Minions. That is awesome for him, however I find the voices of the Minions annoying after 2 minutes. Lady Julie Andrews voices Gru’s mom, a rich old lady living off her family fortune. Finally the legend himself in South Park’s Trey Parker who voices Balthazar Bratt, a former child actor turned villain. His ultimate goal is to take down Hollywood and reclaim his reputation. In the scenes with Trey doing the voice I couldn’t get Randy’s voice out of my head.



The movie’s first set-piece takes us along on a mission with Gru and Lucy to retrieve a stolen purple diamond. Former child-star Bratt is in pursuit himself to steal it to power his project weapon. Gru comes face-to-face with Bratt and is out smarted by his late 70s early 80s dance moves. Literally a Michael Jackson impersonator Bratt is. The second set-piece sees Gru and Lucy terminated from the spy agency they work for due to the fact Bratt successfully stole the diamond. They find it hard to tell the girls they are fired from their jobs, but spin it in a way that they will have more time to be a family. Agnes decides to sell her toys to help with the family’s finances, however Gru reassures her they are fine. They meet a strange butler that informs Gru he works for his brother Dru and persuades them to pay him a visit.


The third set-piece sees the family travel to Gru’s brother where they instantly connect. Dru shows Gru their father’s secret lair and suggest they form a team to become villains together. Gru hesitates and informs Dru that he turned a new leaf for his family. But Gru remembers that it was his failure to capture Bratt that cost him his job, so he formulates a plan with Dru to capture the diamond from him. Doing so behind Lucy’s back. The fourth set-piece sees Lucy trying to bond with the girls on a girl’s day out where they are distracted by a local festival. Agnes and Edith, who are on the hunt for a unicorn, end up in a bar and are told where to go to see one in the woods. Lucy, being a worried step mother, runs in to save them which turns out into a scene out of Fight Club. I know I’m not supposed to talk about it. The girls venture out to a local forest where they find a goat with one horn. Agnes finally gets to live out he dream of having a unicorn, but Edith doesn’t have the heart to tell her it’s actually a goat.


The fifth set-piece takes us to the perspective of the Minions, who left Gru after he got fired and ended up in prison. Turns out they run that prison and are living it up within those walls. One of the Minion’s, Steve, misses Gru and reflects on the life they had. As the leader he tells the other Minions to go back to Gru, so they escape from prison. The sixth set-piece sees Gru, Dru, and Lucy work together to stop Bratt from attacking Hollywood with a bubblegum type device. Gru and Dru do battle with Bratt and stops him in comedic fashion thanks to the Minions coming in time. They return the diamond to the agency and become reinstated as spys again. The final set-piece sees the family fully bonded and are having a happy ending to their latest adventure, we see Dru steeling an item of Gru’s. Lucy and Gru sees this as a fun game and warrant him a few minutes head start before they recapture their item.



This movie was no means my cup of tea. When I saw it on the featured page of my streaming service I said might as well. Believe me I literally had an open window for 2 hours so I watched it. To be fair to this movie it was okay, not bad but okay. The first one I saw when it came out and it wasn’t bad, I just found the Minions really annoying. I didn’t see the others in this series so watching this I just filled in the pieces myself. As a kid/family movie it was okay. The importance of family values are here where Lucy and the kids bond alongside Gru and his brother. The importance of taking risks in live and the importance of the truth mixed with nostalgia. It was a solid 3 out of 5 for me. Just glad I didn’t pay to watch this, so if you have kids it’s worth the watch.

Guys thank you for checking out our review of Despicable Me 3, we hope you enjoyed the read. Please follow us on here so it helps us grow and motivates us to do what we do. Have a great weekend and stay safe everyone. Take it easy!


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