Good afternoon ladies and gents, hope the Thanksgiving break is doing wonders for you and your families. Today I will digging into “Masculinity” and how it is shaping, sometimes ruining due to pressure, most men’s outlook on life. It’s sticky ground to tread on, but seeing how in recent months/weeks/days we are seeing the male image ruined through abuse and so on. But without further ado let’s dive right into this.



Well congratulations, you are the other half of the two genders we have in this world. Welcome to the brotherhood so to speak. Be proud of who you are and the type of person you want to be. There will be pressure subjected upon you from being a leader to being the first sign of help depending on where you are. Don’t be discouraged about what you are though because you will hear the notion of “Male Disposability” in your Political Science class or if you are a social media buff the hashtag #killallmen of #killallmalebabies. There is an underlying, and a majority of the time outright, depictions of Misandry you will see in the media itself. But be proud you are a male and educate yourself on the kind of male you want to be in the future.



Being a male you will be placed in one of two groups, Alpha and Beta. It’s an unfair pressure I assure you, but in the world we live in its how it goes. Both has their pros and cons, but everyone wants to be an Alpha. In dating it counts more to be that, amongst your peers it’s better to be Alpha, and overall it’s better from the jump to be one. So I guess if you are Beta it makes sense to just give up on life. You will be seen as weak, worthless, a waste of space, and you ultimately feed on the scraps of life. Pretty horrible right? You are deemed worthy if you are arrogant, confident, this and that. You can’t be an in between because you don’t get the benefits.

So can everyone be Alpha? Well contrary to what online scammers sell you, Yes and No. You can fake the crap out of the qualities of it, but you will show your Beta-ness eventually. So it just makes sense to just give up on life now and not waste your time. What does social media depict? Be a man, get the girl or girls/women, and live like a God. That’s how a man should live right and that’s the goal.



So bypassing all that bullshit in the above section of this post, let’s have a heart to heart. You are a man and you should be proud of it like I said. In this life we all have ups and down, but to me it seems like men face a distinct level of a disadvantage. Not saying women don’t have their thing, but I am a man and I am going off what I experienced. I have experienced a sexist attitude towards me in the work place by a hardcore feminist. Clearly she hated men and me, but I didn’t let it get to me because I know where I want to go in life. That is ultimately what you will have to deal with. Men challenging you and women basically berating you testing your manhood. But if you have a solid head on your shoulders you can find your lane and progress.


The Alpha/Beta dynamics is a conundrum you as a person will have to break out off. Social pressures exist to place individuals in a box, but you as a man you can avoid it by not caring. That is easy to say but not hard of a concept to do. If you go your whole life as a man by an imaginary check-list of what a man is required to do you will be unhappy, depressed, and on the cusp of self-destruction. trust me I know. When I first came to this country I was a fool, following trends of what others are doing and following the sheep of what men are told to do. It was a self-defeating phase of my life and time I will never get back, but I am glad I fell and saw that darkness to understand myself as a person.


The reality is you don’t need to be a douche pickup artist, some Alpha ass, or an arrogant prick to be a man. That’s what a large portion of women say they want and in reality go for, but do you want to be the carbon copy of another man or yourself? Do you want to be what women want or what you see yourself wanting? Are you here to please people or please and satisfy yourself in this life? Those are hard questions each man really needs to ask themselves and see where you are at. I’m not saying don’t date or whatever. If you can do it, but if you don’t feel dating is for you don’t force yourself. One dysfunction to another is not as they say healthy, so don’t do it. It’s great to challenge yourself in all walks of life, but don’t be a shamed to call it quits if it’s not in your being to continue something. The definition of insanity is doing the same crap and expecting new results. So find your own path, just remember to draft a Consent Form to keep yourself safe if you plan on continued dating. Sexual Assaults are shocking these days, but asking for consent and having documentation of it may be a safe road. Slightly extreme yes, but it’s good to protect yourself.


Man at Maldives

It’s not only about being yourself I want to emphasize from this post, but as a man find your own road in life. Envy is a bitch in life and you will be subject to tests in many way, but you are your own driving force and you define yourself. It’s not about the muscles, the women, the money/power/status, or whatever you have but the integrity you have. It took me 22 years to learn this myself because I didn’t have the type of father to teach me how to be a man, but it was my experiences that did it. Good and bad times.

The ill feelings, destructive thoughts, and the pressure you WILL feel can shape you for the good if you allow it. My advice to any man struggling with his identity in this society that is placing men in a box, find things that make you happy and own it. Whatever that is. You don’t NEED  another person to make you a whole person, you are already good enough and you just need to find your own lane. Life is short, but sometimes feels long, so find things now that you enjoy and forge those into things you can grow from. Be you guys, at the end of the day you have to live for yourselves and not a narrative.

Guys thank you for checking out this post. Please follow us on here so we can grow more, it means a lot. Have a great day and be safe. Take it easy!



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