Good morning ladies and gents of the X-Army, hope your week has begun in the right direction. This week we will be reviewing Blade Runner 2049. Yes people on the budget I am currently on I wanted to see this film and deliver my take for you guys. So sit back relax and let’s get to it!



The movie follows a new Blade Runner, Officer K, as he embarks on his duties recapturing runaway androids that were in the original rebelion. But he discovers a buried secret that could potentially plunge what’s left of the new world into chaos. The possibility of the androids being able to reproduce and be free from the system. On his search for the truth and to what happened he seeks the help of Rick Deckard, the original Blade Runner who has been in hiding for 30 years. Together they discover the dark secrets the creator has been hiding and a family reunion becomes a real possibility with the chance to start over in a more peaceful society.



Ryan Gosling plays Officer K, a young Blade Runner that uncovers a dark secret that impacts how the society is run and can potentially be overturned for the better. Dave Bautista plays Sapper Morton, one of the members of the first rebelion and the person who brought the first android child into the world. Harrison Ford plays Rick Deckard, the original Blade Runner and the father of the miracle child. Ana de Armas plays Joi, a companion program and K’s love interest. Jared Leto and Sylvia Hoeks play Niander Wallace and Luv respectively. They are the main antagonists of this film and are portrayed as the ones who run this society within Los Angeles.



The first set-piece kicks off when K goes in for Sapper Morton at this home out in the middle of nowhere. Morton has a warrant due to his role in the rebellion and is needed to be taken in. After K fights and kills him, only to remove his eye as evidence of the arrest, K discovers a date edged on a tree that rehashes memories within himself. As a result he informs his superiors of what he has found and they do an upscale check of the area. The second set-piece takes place after K begins to have more flashbacks and questions what is happening to him. His companion, Joi, insists he investigate into it more because he is special. This prompts K to install an upgrade for his companion so she can go anywhere and be with him, though in hologram form. This gives us a look in the love life or loneliness he is going though. The third set-piece takes place when K meets Luv on his journey of finding out what the body remains and memories are linked to. She intimidates him from looking deeper into it and for him to just do his job. After this encounter K is questioned about what he was doing there and is being reprogrammed, but one of his superiors notice that his answers are off based on a scale of familiarity. She warns him that because of this he will be hunted down for his investment in the investigation. As a result he leaves the city.


The fourth set-piece takes place when K and Joi goes outside of the city in hopes of finding Rick and gain his help for what’s to come. But they come across a group of savages that take down him car. Luv, seemingly helping him though a drone, shoots down the group and allows him to get to a nearby orphanage. Here K questions where to child in his memories is and the whereabouts of Rick. K seemingly in a trance follows the familiar surroundings he saw in the memory. He finds the small toy with the date on it from his memory and questions if it is him who is the miracle child. The fifth set-piece takes place when Luv wants to know where K is going through on of his superiors. Luv ends up killing the superior and uses the tracker to find his location. The sixth set-piece takes place after K now finds Rick and explains what happened with Rachael and the baby. But Luv comes in and kidnaps Rick to find out where the miracle child is now.


The seventh set-piece takes place when Rick is being interrogated by Niander and refuses to talk about the child that was born, this leads to Luv taking Rick out to kill him. K finds their location and confronts Luv. After an ongoing fight between the two, K saves Rick and together they venture off so Rick can see his daughter. The final set-piece shows K bringing Rick to the facility where the creator of memories is kept. It is here we learn that she is the miracle child and Rick’s daughter. As a result of the fight with Luv, K dies due to his wounds and leaving in peace.



This movie was one that makes you think and that’s a good thing. I never saw the original movie, but going in this movie blank I thought about every detail that was presented. The cinematography was amazing and the sound design made you feel every single aspect of the film itself. Is it an enjoyable film? Yes, but you have to seriously think about what you are seeing. It’s not a fast paced film that gets you off the edge of your seat, but it makes you question how society could be if it gets to a point like this. My rating for this film is a 4 out of 5. It’s clearly not for everyone, but you will enjoy aspects of it.

Thank you guys so much for checking out our review of Blade Runner 2049. Please stay tuned for our upcoming reviews and content. Have a great day and take it easy!


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