Hello ladies and gentlemen of the X-Army, I hope you are doing superb on this lovely Tuesday morning. For me been unemployed for a week and staying busy, focused, and ready when I find a new job to share my talents. But there is an undermining stench I detect from the loud mouth Hollywood elite and I am quite surprised. Ladies and gents this is going to be a much organized rant on what I am noticing and what is not happening. Please sit back and relax while I share my opinion. Let’s get to it!



When the Presidential Election was in full swing last year I have to say I was amazed by all the smear campaigns towards Trump. Digging up old things from the past, which I thought that things in the past should be left in the past and doesn’t matter unless it suits the agenda. “Grab Them By The Pussy” was used everywhere, protests were run in every corner of America, women in movies were given more prominent roles to show that they can do this and that, which is great but when you in the same breath put men down like bumbling idiots that’s when it became disgusting to see. It’s no surprised the Ghostbusters reboot was garbage and people were actually surprised, but hey like I said they portray things to fit agendas. Think back to when the X-Men movie with Apocalypse was being advertised and a billboard had Mystique being choked by Apocolypse and the protests lasted until they changed the billboard and made some edits to the film itself. Protests are powerful right.

Now to the supreme gentleman that I dedicate this article to, Mr. Harvey Weinstein you beautiful douche. Now before I continue I must insist this is my opinion, Stefan A. Howard’s opinion and I will share that within my forum. If you are offended I do apologize but it has to be said by someone with balls big enough to go at this prick and these hypocrites that call themselves elites. Back to what I was saying about ole DT or Mr. President, he was dragged through the mud right and the feminist women, the elites who said they would leave the country if Hillary lost, and that a misogynist, sexual whatever and a creep would never be “My President”, well we know who won. That morning for me was great. I don’t believe what Trump said nor do I condone him, but I voted for him because I didn’t like Hillary and I am for giving chances. I thought things of the past wouldn’t or wasn’t character defining of someone in the present. That people change and grow. But People used his past to diminish his character, categorically displayed hate towards the man, and somehow they are the ones called democratic…to who? All those hypocrites are still here and they jump at every chance to go at him, through his wife and son. Disgusting pricks.


Moving on. Ole Harvey boy himself coincidentally has a history of coercion, enticing quite a number of actresses roles for favors. This stems back years and this is just coming out now. I feel that if this POS was running for the President nothing would have come out. Just go quietly without a lick because he is amongst the elite and a Democrat. Well it took one lovely lady with ovaries of steel to talk up and make light of the garbage individual he is. But the funny thing is nothing else happened. I don’t watch TV because it lost its substance, but SNL and Jimmy Kimmel are known platforms that openly bash Trump and craps on men on a weekly basis. If DT sneezes they make a whole episode attacking him and his family. I guess making fun of Trump and praising how feminist you are gives you followers and more attention, well they figured out the system. But where is the attacks or mocking of this sick bastard, never came. Harvey boy has Hollywood by the balls because he is THE producer. He runs the place and attacking him would not be a good look for the actors who last time I checked were no political figures but people who pretend to be other people for entertainment. So why quite guys?

Oh Ms. Donna|

Donna quote

Some lady who I never heard of came to this man’s defence over these alleged encounters with women and stated that it’s their fault whatever happened, happened. Now this is an excuse for sexually assaulting someone, allegedly. I don’t want to get sued over having an opinion here. Her statement was surprising to me because I never knew a woman would say something like that. In this day an age, due to beauty standards, leggings and short shorts are predominantly a clothing of choice to a number of women. Do they deserve to be assaulted or whatever, hell no. They are doing them and what they choose to wear, though distracting at times, is their choice. For a woman to say this speaks volumes to the type of mindset she must have for young girls. Sleeping your way to the top instead of placing hard work and dedication to a craft. Hypocrite. But Ms. Donna one day I hope to have children and subsequently I may get a daughter, if she is educated by individuals like you with that thought process I will know 2 things. I taught her enough to value herself more that what she displays to the world and that she has enough self-respect to not put herself out there in the world in a racy way.

These days sex is everywhere and self-control is a discipline I encourage many men to develop, but realistically that will never happen. You read about teachers using their Power to sexually satisfy their needs with teens from High School and I realized why. Some of these women were never selected, popular or whatever in HS and as they grew up bettered themselves and got their degrees, but when some get in the education field its like it’s a goal to make up for the conquests they missed out on. As sexually satisfying that is for them and porn producers to make, in reality it’s a crime. You have idiotic men on news sites saying how lucky the kid is and so on. So these women get a free pass based on their looks and the kid should be grateful to have had sex with a “hot” teacher. Is this the mentality of society, that if you are hot you get a free pass and I as a man should be greatful to get sex from someone remotely attractive. I feel satisfied cleaning my car or working and earning a living. Not sticking my person into another person. Life has more dimension than that.


But the fact a woman said how they dress affects the outcome of why ole Harvey boy got too happy in his pants. Lack of self-control. But this is slut-shaming and this is why I agree that a woman should dress how she wants, it’s her body. I understand that it garners attention from some wild beasts out there, but it speaks more to those animals and not the female. My ex dressed both conservative and casual. When we did the gym or sports she would dress down. Do I have a say in what she wore…no, but she knew that she is representing herself to the world and what she wore doesn’t determine her value. That my point here, why does what women wear determine their value in the long run or their worth, or is they are asking for sexual advances. For these comments alone this woman should be charged or fined, but ironically she apologized and will get off with no repercussions.



Some of the so-called elite need to talk up and put this man down. The same energy actors use their Twitter fingers to attack DT, they can use that same level to tweet something against this man. I would love to see some protests against this man also. Have some “My Body, My Choice” and go from there. Will it happen, no. These people are too tight-lipped and have these images to hold on high that they don’t want to bring a member of the crew down. All white men are privileged, Donald Trump is so on, and feminist agendas are pushed on new sites, use the same platforms and energy to bring this person who has done this allegedly for years. You can’t have it one way in taking a guy down for what he said in the past to someone who did this to many women in Hollywood. Let’s be fair on all fronts. Don’t push a misandry message to some and not to the ones who deserve to be taken down.

Guys thank you for checking out this little rant of mine. I have to be honest that I was really upset that nothing has been done or said about this but these people are the fastest to jump on DT. Use a quote he said years ago against him and have the nerve to close their mouth about this. Check these for yourself, Bill Cosby’s trial, DT winning the Presidency, and BLM. See the protests and how fast they happened, now to look at the outrage from last week when this broke. Nothing but one woman who wanted to divulge this to the world. I rest my case and thanks guys.


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