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Good evening ladies and gents of the X-Army I hope you are all doing well. Dealing with some life changes and so on, but I wanted to give our lovely readers some class content. Today’s installment of Real Talk is how I fell in love with the music genre Kpop and how it changed my perspective on music as a whole. So please sit back and as always Let Get To It!

Where It All Started|

My likeness to Kpop took me by surprise back in college. I attended school in Mississippi, shout out to JSU for making this fine young citizen, anyway I wasn’t the mot night life kind of person. I never went to parties nor clubs like most of my friends did, due to those places not being my scene. So the library, soccer field, frat meetings, and so on were my mean of hanging with friends and brothers, but there were times when I just wanted me time. Summer school changed my life because it was there it started. Logged into YouTube to watch some Shin Chan on Funimation, if you have no idea what that is it’s completely fine since I am a nerd for other cultures through media. It was from there to Dragon Ball Z where I found a show called Star Golden Bell and I was taken aback by how interesting it was.


Now think about this for example, you are watching a martial arts movie with subtitles and you have to read what’s going on to understand anything. It’s a new experience right, watching a program and reading at the same time. The same experience with old Jackie Chan movies can be applied here. It took a while to get used to reading and watching at the same time, until I just watched and understood from what I was seeing visually. But yeah instead of doing crap in my spare spare time I just expanded my horizon onto a different culture. The rest is history really.

My Favorite Groups|


In the beginning I thought all groups sounded like Anime soundtracks. A solid trance synth mixed with female or male melodies. From my early listening to SNSD and 2PM to now where I am with IKON and my favorite BTS. It took a while to find a more Hip-Hop vibe of music. Don’t get me wrong I like the ballads and dance songs, but they aren’t my first choice. The vocals of 2AM and Sistar are wonderful tracks to covey that mood to get out of certain sadness, but having something to groove to is my main preference.

But to answer the overall question I will tell you the names and the reasons why. Bang Yong Guk is one of the rappers I listen to because I was literally there when the group he is the leader of BAP was formed. This song is one of my work out songs and it gets me in a certain vibe to push more. IKON are as semi-new group, but they have a certain style that sets them apart. Like Bang Yong Guk I was there when this group was formed too. See the pattern yet. Last 2 groups I listen to are BTS and MonstaX. These two have a blend of Hip-Hop and flavor that sets them apart too and the beats they use are consistently sick. But these are mine and like everything there is a genre within for everyone, I just selected these because they best fit how I enjoy music.

An Inspiration For Music|


For music I follow a few shows, Show Me The Money, Unpretty Rapstar, School Rapper, and Produce 101. Each taught me the same as what a class on composing music would. How music flows, each note, and how rappers ride the beat. You could say that I could learn that from going to an Urban school and being black automatically makes me understand music…well that would be ignorant to say. I am Jamaican and I never smoked weed and I am black and I don’t have a…well point being not all stereotypes are real my friends. But these programs expanded my mind to find my own style of music to compose and I thank the time I spent with these shows for that.


From a business perspective I learned about the Big 4 companies in Korea and how each distributes their music and the style they have. YG, SM, Big Hit, and JYP are models I took the blueprint of to start Xagon (pronounced hexagon) and I studied how they formed their artists and groups. It is unique because they go through years of training or school if you want to call it that and become what the company wants to put out to the world. Put time into these assets and reap the rewards. It may be odd to us here in the US to make groups this way through a training system for years before they can debut, but to them its perfection and high quality they aim to bring out through the door. So those years in training the young people in dance, singing, acting and stage presence are worth it based on the end product.

Is Kpop For Everyone?|


Well yes and no can be the answer. Is sex for everyone or just fried chicken? Yes and no, jut depending on who you are. You like what you like. I would advise to expand and try new genres of music to see a different culture. Never in my life I would be proud to say I know what Cambodian Pop or Dutch rap is, but I do and they are different. To see someone’s culture and to understand a country’s way of life through music is a good thing to try. Kpop I my thing because I love Anime and he Asian conservative culture. Jpop not my thing though I have a strong understanding of it. My point is just try it and see if you like it.

Thank you all for checking out our latest post. We are now back and running to our regular scheduled program with our blog content, so please stay tuned. Ladies and gents have a great night and see you on the next post. Take it easy!



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