it starts now


Good evening ladies and gents of the X Army, today we will be previewing the Premier League opener between Arsenal and Leicester City. I honestly can’t wait for the start of the new season tomorrow afternoon. New season means fresh start, so I am hoping my team starts off strong. Without further ado, let’s get it!



The formation I would go with is the classic 4-3-3. My Right-Back has to be Bellerin with his pace and ability to compensate for a slow Center Back. Downside is this boy can’t cross for crap, but can run like Bolt. My 2 Center-Backs would be young Holding and BFG himself. I feel Holding progressed last season and I realize the 3 at the back system suits him, but I trust him enough to be in a 4. BFG aka Per is our Club Captain and one of the members of the team that is a real leader. Lastly my Left-Back has to be Kolasinac. Decent pace and power, from what I saw of this dude last Sunday this dude will be mowing people down. My Midfield 3 would have to be Elneny, Xhaka, and Ozil if fit, but if not Ramsey or Iwobi for a change. Elneny with the defensive and work-rate, Xhaka with the defensive/muscle and his long-range passing, and finally a solid playmaker who ever it will be to run the flow of the game.


For the Forwards I have to be honest and put who I feel will work. Obviously Man Like Laka has to be the main Striker, so he is through the middle. My Left Winger has to be ole Danny Walbeck for the pure work-rate and passion. Lastly my Right Winger has to be Oxlade-Chamberlain or the Ox. What I am going for is pure pace and technical ability with no remorse. If this is Sanchez’s last season here then he goes on the bench and warm that. Honestly I would sell this dude for his mistreatment of the club, but we already covered how I feel about him. But yes solidity at the back if we somehow can keep a reasonable defense, creativity and confident pressure from the center of the park, and PACE up front. Nothing but pace, pretend if FIFA and just run lol.



If I am ambitious man, and I am, I feel we will get a 3-0 or a 3-1 victory. Based on how we played over the weekend and the momentum of winning a trophy, we should be well geared for the fight of this game. I always know we will concede a ridiculous goal either first or right after we score a goal ourselves, but I want to see if we can actually defend for once. Defending has been a fault of this team since I began following Football/Soccer and if they have aspirations to go for something then that’s an area we need to stay focused in tomorrow.

Thank you guys for checking out this short post for the start of the Premier League tomorrow. Please follow us on social media @StefanAHoward and @XagonENT along with @Andre_Howie. Stay tuned for more content and movie reviews. Have a great week and take it easy!


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