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Good morning ladies and gents of the X Army, yes that is why I have decided to call you lovely people. Anyway, today we will be reviewing the hidden gem of the summer, The Dark Tower. Now this movie I was skeptical about based on the trailers, but it was surprisingly good. Guys without further ado, let’s get to it!



The plot centers around a large Tower which is the mediator between our dimension and the other world. The Man In Black, who is a wizard, is set on destroying the Tower to reign havoc on both worlds by unleashing a legion of demons. Gunslingers are the known heroes of the other world and the sole protectors, but their kind is being exterminated by the Man In Black. To save both worlds a young boy with the gift of Sight has to help the last remaining Gunslinger put an end to the Man In Black and bring prosperity back. Wow that was a solid premise.



The movie stars young Bieber look-a-like Tom Taylor who plays the main protagonist Jake Chambers, a young depressed teenager who is struggling to understand the dreams he is having on the events that are happening in the other world. Idris Elba plays Roland, the last remaining Gunslinger. He has a personal goal to kill the Man In Black or Walter, after the murder of his father. Mathew McConaughey plays the main antagonist Walter, an evil wizard whose goal is to destroy the world. Kathryn Winnick plays Laurie Chambers, the mother of Jake.



In the first set-piece of the movie we are introduced to young Jake having a disturbing dream about the other world. Walter is using a camp of captured children with the gift of  Sight to launch attack after attack upon the Dark Tower. Jake feels each time the Tower is attacked and as a result in the real world experiences severe to minor earthquakes. The second set-piece occurs when Jake discovers his parents are sending off to a Mental Health camp for the weekend, which is really the camp for captive kids. He does his own detective work to learn about a portal within New York and runs away from the Skin Wearers that came for him. He subsequently finds the portal within an abandoned house, but it holds an alarm system. Due to his amazing gift he frees himself from impending doom and goes into the other world.


The third set-piece happens when Jake stumbles upon Roland’s camp and thus presenting him with the information he needs about why he is here and what he must do. Together they venture off to a small town to see a Seer to locate where the camp truly is. The fourth set-piece occurs when Roland and Jake are camped out before their trip that we see the demons themselves attacking the pair. The have the ability to find a person’s weakness and uses it to lure them in. But the two manage to fight off the creature and learn that they must hurry. The fifth set-piece occurs when the pair reach the community to see the Seer and learn of the full detail of Walter’s plan. Walter sends a unit of enemies to kill them both, but with Roland’s experience he manages to save everyone and the two go back to the real world.

Matthew McConaughey;Idris Elba

The sixth set-piece happens when jake goes back to his home to find out that Walter killed both his parents. This awakens the full extent of his power which prompts the two to get some fire power. While in the gun store Walter captures Jake and separates him from Roland. The final set-piece occurs when Jake uses all his strength to stop the attacks on the Tower, Keep a portal open for Roland, and helps him finally take revenge on Walter by killing him. The two reunite and leave the destructive lair. As a result of his parents death, Roland decides to bring Jake with him as his sidekick back in the other world where he ultimately belongs.


Idris Elba film scenes for his upcoming action movie 'The Dark Tower'

This movie to me was a hidden gem. I had no idea it was going to be this good and as a Sci-Fi fan I was really happy how the movie went. Now seeing other reviews pick this movie apart, I truly understand the criticism, but I thoroughly enjoyed this film. How I judge a movie is through entertainment, something semi-original, and creative. This ticked every box and subsequently I gave it a 4/5. I see where it could be improved upon as does anything, but for what it gave me it is tolerable and worth the watch.

Thank you guys for checking out our review of The Dark Tower. Please stay tuned for other movie review and content. Follow us on Twitter at @StefanAHoward, @Andre_Howie and @XagonENT. Also on Instagram @StefanAHoward and @Andre_Howie. Have a great rest of the week and take it easy!



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