Good evening ladies and gents, welcome to one of our new features Football Club. In this feature we talk about football/soccer related content as we are fans of the sport. In this first installment we will be diving into Arsenal F.C. and what we have witnessed so far this preseason. Without further ado, let’s get to it!



If I was to tell you that ending last season with a trophy was not good enough most would be shocked. Having numerous teams in the country fighting relegation and failing to make Europe, you could say as an Arsenal fan I should be grateful. I am believe me. I witnessed this team win one trophy in the amount of time I began understanding Football and following it religiously. So seeing them win a trophy at the end of a disastrous season I am grateful, but it is not enough. This team to me needs a complete flushing. The achievement should not be unnoticed in hindsight, but where were the performances prior to winning the F.A. Cup. I think the team, as skilled and talented as they are, needs a revamp and no amount of small success can paper over the major cracks that is there.



Arsene Wenger is once again the manager of my club and I question why. He is the common denominator for the issues we had last season. From fan turmoil to pussyfooting around questions about his future. To be honest I was ready to see this man walk. Win your last trophy and leave on a high with people giving you back the respect that you had. But somehow you are rewarded a new 2 year contract with more money. That I do not understand. If I as an employee is failing and struggling at my job, chances are I will be fired. I began following Arsenal hardcore back in 2006 and the team then was impressive, but many things were lacking. But that is how I educated myself on the tenure of Arsene’s reign and the past he is living off. He should have left and I feel in the end we will lose as supporters for this clear lack in judgement by the board of directors.



The fans of Arsenal Football Club are a unique one. One minute they are happy and the next they are ranting about either a player they liked one week saying he is crap the next. My issue with the fans is they don’t have a consistent narrative. I love my Dodge or any Dodge for that matter and I hate lizards. Since I was a child I hated lizards and I am almost 28 and I still do. That is consistency. I dislike the manager for the years for the way he does his transfer business and how he sells our best players. That is consistency. Theo Walcott and I have similar things in common. Both Jamaican, plays the same sport, and handsome, but my stance on Theo is he is just a sprinter with no skill. He is the longest player at the club and he doesn’t do the basics well enough, from crossing, to scoring goals, even to damn near taking on a player. You can’t tell me that as a person who doesn’t play professionally has progressed more that a person who gets paid for it doesn’t look suspect.

Bayern Muenchen v Arsenal FC - Audi Football Summit

But back to the fans. I use Theo as a point because fans hate him for weeks or months but when he does 1 or 2 good performances they praise him like Messi. Then they say Arsene is doing a great job. Then when we lose or draw a number of games it’s back to ranting and raving. I agree praise the man when he does good but don’t pretend like he is the second coming of Jesus. The fans pay a high ticket fee, I watch my stuff either on a stream, ESPN, or where ever I can get the game. But where we watch the game does not stray from the point that many fans a going to the games just to rant when we lose and build a following off it on social media. Go to the game and if we win good and if we lose suck it up, but the flip-flop bandwagon mindset i see some of the fans do is getting pointless and tiring.


Arsenal v Sevilla FC - Emirates Cup

During preseason we won the double, one in the International Champions Cup and the Emirates Cup. So these trophies in the grand scheme means nothing but for us as fans to see some new fresh talent. The signings of Kolosinac and Man Like Laca has boosted spirits among fans, but it’s not enough. In my opinion our defense is still weak and it needs investing. Like I said earlier we need a flushing of the whole team. The attacking side we have always been okay or decent in recent seasons, but the top-heaviness is a problem. Honestly I don’t know what they practice in training because defense. Rob Holding was a revelation last season, so he will improve. With the emergence on Reis Nelson and the hope of keeping Sanchez are what most fans are looking forward to.

In all honesty I am hoping that some of the youth gets to play some cup games, since we are in the Europa League this season I expect some of the kids to get some games. as far as the Premier League itself I hope we can get the old Top 4 Trophy. The importance of the Champions League has never been significant to get back into. Without it we won’t keep some of the players we have plus attract new ones. But other than that same as usual. Start off strong and then fade. Typical Arsenal but really it’s just the same thing over and over. Like the old saying goes if you keep doing the same thing you will go insane. Other than that let’s not get too embarrassed this season.



What is a Contract these days. The whole Sanchez thing to me just shows how unreliable the people in charge are. How can you let a key figure at a club have such control in this situation. Now he is playing hardball and is basically holding the club to ransom. Wanting 400,000 Pounds a week is a joke. Don’t get me wrong he is a great player for us, but was he at Barcelona? No, he had his spells but he was going to rot there since they got Neymar that year. So we basically brought this relatively big fish to our big pond, but this dude’s ego is too inflated. I am in the camp of we sell this dude. It goes against the norm but do we need someone who thinks he is too good for us and we are nothing. Because this situation is looking like that as time goes on.


Now Neymar. This kid is valued at such a high price and he is potentially going to PSG. He just signed a new contract I believe last year and yes he has a release clause, but doesn’t a person legally signing a contract and commit to it happen anymore. Sure having a rant on it serves no point but an opinion, but why should fans believe their star players are staying when they will leave the second a new offer happens. At the end of the day just my opinion. If PSG signs Neymar for 200 plus million Euros so be it, better stats when FIFA 18 comes out.

Anyway thanks for checking out this post on the upcoming Arsenal season. Let’s hope this is going to be a season we as fans can remember. Hopefully for the good. Take it easy guys!


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