Good evening ladies and gents, I hope your week is going amazing. Today we will be reviewing the latest installment in the Apes franchise, War of the Planet of the Apes. Honestly this one of the most compelling movie I have seen this year. These few weeks has been the best in terms of movies out right now. So please sit back, relax, and let’s get to it!



The movie takes us back to the fight between the Apes and the Humans once again. The humans led by a sinister Colonel called Colonel begins preparations for a final assault. Caesar and his kingdom are off place that no conflict will be able to find reach them, but they weren’t prepared. The humans ruin their plans of solitude and inflict a heinous murder that breaks Caesar to the path of no return. Caesar now faces an uphill battle of his own demons, rescuing his captive kingdom, and avenging his family’s death. The battle of the dominant species will come to an end.


'War for the Planet of the Apes' film premiere, Arrivals, New York, USA - 10 July 2017

The movie stars the legend Andy Serkis as Caesar, the leader of the Apes and the original talking monkey from the first film. Woody Harrelson play the Colonel, the leader for the army of humans. His mission is to kill all the Apes to return control and order to the “food chain”. Amiah Miller plays the young girl from the posters. She is the first character we are introduced to that is mute and is unable to talk. She is later given the name Nova. Steve Zahn plays the legend that is Bad Ape. The last remaining Ape from his original camp, is the comic relief in the movie. He is greatly loved when you see him for yourself. Gabriel Chavarria plays Preacher, a young man in Colonel’s army. He is seen as the emotional presence in the movie based on his confusion to do the right thing and the wrong thing.



The first set-piece starts when the humans attack one of the Apes’ camp. The men thinking they are successful with the attack are attacked themselves by the Apes’ retaliation. Because of this Preacher is captured and he meets Caesar. Ultimately Caesar let’s him go and tells Preacher to inform the Colonel to stop this war. The second set-piece occurs when Caesar’s son returns to the Ape camp and informs them that there is a place so far that the humans will never find it. As they prepare to leave the army secretly ambushes their home base, led their by one of the “Donkey” traitor Apes, and kills Caesar’s son and family. As a result Caesar ventures off to kill the Colonel once and for all as a sign of revenge. The third set-piece occurs when Caesar and is small team encounter a young girl who is unable to speak. This is where we learn that the humans themselves are reverting to Apes in the sense that they are becoming mute. This is a result of a air-borne virus that was made by the humans themselves.


The fourth set-piece occurs when Caesar and his Apes rides upon a set of buried soldiers who themselves are unable to speak, which indicates that the Colonel is killing the people in his camp that are unable to speak. Caesar ventures to a high point to see where they are when Bad Ape takes one of their horses, which leads to a very choreographed and intense chase scene. Bad Ape gives up and welcomes Caesar and his men into his camp for food and shelter. The fifth set-piece occurs when the Apes and Nova, who now is an honorary Ape, sees the human main base. While planning to raid it to free the captured Apes from Caesars tribe, they are ambushed and Caesar is captured. Here he comes face to face with the Colonel learning more about the mute virus and his plans to fight against his own kind while forcing the Apes to build a wall.


The sixth set-piece occurs when Bad Ape and the gang find underground channels in hopes to free the captured Apes. The are greatly successful slowly taking the babies and then the large Apes, leaving the soldiers confused by their escape. The final set-piece occurs when Caesar single-handedly blows up the army base with explosives, but takes an arrow to the side for his efforts. The attacking army are killed as a result which forces an avalanche. The Apes then make their way to the promised land and due to the injury Caesar dies. Ending the series on the notion of what he did for his tribe in hope they have a bright future.



The movie was the perfect conclusion in the series. A series of movies that I enjoyed overtime. The first installment was a learning experience, as each movie progressed the intensity rose and the war made sense. One set wanting peace and the other wants to take back control of what they originally did. Goes to show that without control and clear thinking, science can go horribly wrong. The movie itself was a solid conclusion to the story. Though I dislike seeing parts of a story as individual movie based on my budget, but this was worth the watch. I recommend seeing the first movie and work your way up to this one. I give this a solid 4.5 out of 5. Well worth the $9.50 it cost to see it, wow tickets are on the rise.

Everyone thank you for taking the time out to read our review of War for the Planet of the Apes. Please stay tuned for the Valerian movie review and other content. As always guys have a great remainder of your day and take it easy!.


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