Greetings ladies and gents, I hope your week is going smooth as eggs. Today I will be discussing why I lift weights. We all do things for our own reasons, but I want this Real Talk to be in-depth into why I enjoying lifting weights. So sit back and enjoy, let’s get it!


I started lifting weights when I moved to America back in 2005. I got compelled by it because I was a fan of Arnold and seeing all the gains he had I got inspired. Started off with 5 pounds when I was a new to the whole thing and gradually elevated the weights. I took it somewhat serious at the end of my college career because I was going through some things and didn’t know how to best express my frustrations, hint it was Depression. So it was the best outlet for everything.

Fast-forward to now I go 4-5 times a week at 4 A.M. Why 4 A.M. you may ask? Because I wanted to pick an unorthodox time to commit to that get’s me charged up for work and allows me to lift how my body needs me to lift. Since leaving school I have gained in muscle mass and lost weight in areas I needed. Going from a size 40 in mens to a solid 36 or 34 depending on the style. Am I proud? Heck yeah I am. I don’t ego lift which I will get into in a bit, but I lift light some days and heavy regularly. I look good and that is amazing for my efforts over the years, but I would rather be able to wipe my ass and not be too buff. Medium buff works for me.



Well I am proud to say I attend Planet Fitness…that’s right Planet Fitness. One of the fastest growing gyms in the country lol. But seriously yes that’s my gym and I chose that gym for one specific reason. The way that my bank account is set up I need to stay within a budget because I want a house, so paying a $10¬†a month in gym fees, it also has everything that I want for my needs which is perfect. If I had the money to burn I would choose World Gym naturally and pay $85 a month or my second choice L.A. Fitness. It’s not as bad as the media makes it out, though I do see examples of it. But it’s a place I want to go to light things up and put them down, but on a solid watertight budget.

I don’t engage in the things I see that go on there. Like free bagel day or pizza nights. To me that’s counter-productive to my goals that I have. But to the people who do go for these things do you. Sometimes the odd ego lifter comes in and likes to show off for us meer mortals. I find it funny because I see these skinny kids or college age dudes in the gym with their “drinks” and just putting on a show. Pretending to be bigger than they actually are. There is no shame in lifting small because it burns the muscle more. But that’s just me.



To be big like the Hulk. Having traps and gains like him would be awesome. But no that’s a bit excessive. My goal is to maintain a weight and muscle that is right for me and eat right. I am pretty buff no lie, but I don’t want to be overly big again. I was massive at one point when I was unemployed and had too much time on my hands. But I just changed up my routine and toned it down. Less is more and like I said I do enjoy being able to do things comfortably.


Another goal is to build up my confidence. Growing up I had crippling confidence to where I was shy and stayed to myself. But working out over the years and vastly coming out of shell has really helped me. With depression it helps put those negative vibes in a useful space. After 6 years I am madly impressed with my efforts and glad I decided to take it seriously. Cancer runs in my family and that scares my brother and I, but keeping active and healthy is the best way to combat it. So confidence, to stay healthy, and continued progression.

This was a short blog post onto why I lift. We all have our reasons for things but for me I am doing this for me. I want to look good and feel good within myself, as we all do. What about you guys, Do you enjoy going to the gym or doing something that just takes the stress away? Let us know. Thank you so much for checking out this short post, we will have a movie review for The Planet of The Apes out soon. Be safe and take it easy!


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