Spiderman 1

Good afternoon everyone on this weird weather conditioned day here in Florida, hope you all are doing great. Today we will be reviewing the latest property/reboot in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Spider-Man: Homecoming. Guys I have no intros or any opening words, so let’s get straight into it.



The story follows a young and naive Peter Parker struggling with sitting on the sidelines waiting for Tony Stark and Happy to call him up for the next big mission. Bored out of his young mind Peter takes up odd tasks around his borough, from helping an old lady with across the street to getting a cat from a tree, but not satisfied. He stumbles across a small crime syndicate ran by the Vulture stealing and moving parts from the Battle of New York. Warned by Tony to stay within his size of battles, Peter is determined to prove he can be an Avenger and a real asset. He must now go against Tony’s wishes and face a villain above his league, balance school life with his vigilante activities, and get the girl in the end.



Tom Holland plays the best adaptation of Peter Parker I have ever seen, the main protagonist and the name sake of the movie. He is a teenager in this remake sticking to the source material and bringing to life the character that was also played by Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role of Iron Man and is now the guide/mentor for Spider-Man. In this film he is depicted as the psychological test for Peter to become and surpass in his maturity of his super powers. Michael Keaton plays the Vulture, a member of the Sinister 6 and the leader of the syndicate depicted in the movie. His main reason for going bad is to support and provide for his family. Laura Harrier and Zendaya play Liz Allan and M.J. respectively. They portray Peter’s present and future love interests. Last but not least we have Marisa Tomei plays May Parker. She is the guardian of Peter and known famously to me by these words, “My Biological Clock is Ticking Like This”. It’s great to see her on the big screen again.



The first set-piece introduces us to Peter during his time fighting in the Civil War. He does a ton of blogs documenting everything leading up to him taking Cap’s shield. He is trusted with the new spider suit and is told to wait for the next mission. The second set-piece takes us the viewers through Peter’s daily life from doing small acts of heroism to being bored out of his mind. During an outing a small bank/ATM machine is being robbed by masked “Avengers” and Spider-Man takes them on. He is a bit inexperienced at the whole stopping the bad guy thing and almost succeeds only for one of the masked men to use a piece of alien etc on him. The blast destroys a nearby store where Peter normally goes, but this is when he realizes something big is happening under the quiet.


The third set-piece takes place when Peter sees a blast from one of the techs again, though he was hiding from a house party. He goes to a deal taking place and this is where he is introduced to the underground syndicate. The men flee but Peter places a tracker on them. The fourth set-piece takes place when Peter goes to D.C. for a club competition in hopes of getting more intel of the villains. He sneaks out to their location only to be confronted by the Vulture and gets trapped in the truck heading to the secret government facility where the items were going. He hacks into the system to escape and heads out to monument that is targeted by the syndicate. Spider-Man saves his classmates but his friends question his loyalty to the club. The fifth set-piece takes place when Peter goes to pick up Liz only to see her father is the Vulture. During the ride Mr. Allen uses his keen hearing and realizes that Peter is Spider-Man. He threatens him to keep his mouth shut and no one he loves will be hurt. Conflicted by the information going through his head, Peter bails on his date and goes after the Vulture.


The final set-piece takes place when Peter walks into the Vulture’s lair and confronts him. He quickly sees he no match for the Vulture and takes a serious beating. Happy, who had been moving the Avengers HQ, sees the cargo plane take off until the Vulture attacks it. Peter challenges him once again and is minority successful crashing the plane safely. Landing outside the flames, Peter rushes to save the Vulture from death and leaves a note for Happy stating, “From Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”. Oh and we also see before the end M.J is black and aunt May learns that Peter is Spider-man.



This is one of the best Spider-Man movies I have ever seen. From the casting to the cinematography, everything was just fantastic. Marvel Studios really knows how to get the best out of their properties and this is definitely an example of that. We feel Peter’s struggles from High School to becoming the superhero he envisions himself being. We see growth that is done in a very emotional and entertaining way that will not leave a soul bored. A SOLID 5 out of 5. Well worth the $9.50 I spent on my ticket. Tom Holland dude you were/are the best depiction of the webbed man. I really hope the follow-up to this movie will be on the same level and also Infinity Wars. Just fantastic all around.

Guys thank you for checking out our review of Spider-Man. We wanted to wait until people saw this before bring a in-depth review. Please be on the lookout for the new Planet of the Apes and other content from us. We really appreciate your support and hope to grow. So to keep it short have a great week and take it easy!




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