Good afternoon ladies and gents, I hope you are enjoying this 4th of July weekend. Today we will be reviewing the masterpiece and my personal favorite movie so far this year, Baby Driver. So without further ado, let’s get to it!



The movie centers around a young lad called “Baby”, who is a get away driver for one of the most ruthless kingpins in the area. He got into a spot of trouble with said kingpin when he took one of his cars for a joyride and destroying the properties that were in it. Since then he has been working for him on robberies and heists. When he calls, he drives. But Baby has a unique condition where he is reliant on music to help him get through these jobs. A fantastic classics choice if I do say so, he must now find a way to leave this life behind and start a new one with the girl of his dreams.



Ansel Elgort plays the man and the myth himself Baby, a getaway driver used by Doc for various jobs across the metropolitan area. He is the main protagonist and personally one of my favorite characters in a movie as of late. With his taste in music and how he is as a person. Lily James plays Deborah, a waitress who falls for Baby and is taken into the dangers of his world. Jamie Foxx plays Bats, a psychopathic killer and a member of the final group made up by Doc. Kevin Spacey plays Doc, a major kingpin and the brains behind the heist missions. Jon Hamm and Eiza Gonzalez plays the “Bonny & Clyde” couple Buddy and Darling respectively. It was said in the movie that Buddy was a Wall Street broker but go addicted to cocaine and met Darling in a strip club. Hey love is love.



The first set-piece starts at the beginning of the movie where we see the first group of robbers doing a job. We see Baby with ear buds jamming out to the classics and using that musical momentum to drive away from the police. This introduces us to the type of person he is and the uniqueness music plays to him in getting through these events. The second set-piece takes place directly after the heist when Baby sees Deborah on the street while getting coffee for the team. The money is divided and all has their share except for Baby, who has to surrender his portion to Doc so that he can be debt free from stealing one of his car year earlier. The third set-piece takes place when Baby meets up with Deborah at her restaurant to set up a date. They go odd together to do laundry  where they build up enough chemistry to become an actual couple.


The fourth set-piece takes place when the new crew is introduced to Baby, Bats challenges him questioning how go he is. He quickly learns that Baby is as good as mentioned but hates the fact on the mission they were on he prevented Bats from killing a civilian trying to stop them. This leads to Bats having a close eye on all of Baby’s moves. The fifth set-piece takes place when Doc meets Baby on his date with Deborah and forces him to do a new job for him. Baby rejects him at first but is threatened by Doc. The things leading up to the job turn from bad to worse for Baby from the team killing dirty cops to encountering Deborah with them. Baby decides to run off with her but is caught by Buddy and Bats which leads to them breaking into his home and stealing tapes he makes of things he hears. This leads Baby to postpone running away and does the job.


The final set-piece takes place when a clerk sees Baby and warns her not to go into her job. The team rushes back to the car where bats threatens to kill the security guard and the woman Baby helped. baby snaps and rams his car into some poles killing Bats. The team dies one by one with Baby running on foot to get to Deborah. He makes it to the restaurant but Buddy get there before him. Baby manages to get away with Deborah and make it to Doc for some help. Buddy meets them at the hideout and kills Doc trying to kill Baby for the killing of Darling by the cops. Baby manages to take him out and makes an escape with Deborah, but are ultimately caught in the end.



This movie was a breath of fresh air from the start. Ansel is an actor that changed my view on him for this performance. He was unbelievable her along with Jon Hamm. The music flowed so well with the events of the film that it felt like a long music video or playlist on your Zune, yes I have a Zune, and it doesn’t get boring. Every actor here gave me my Gift Card’s money’s worth for seeing thing this. A solid 5 out of 5. Thank God too because I was beginning to dread seeing new movies, which is why I haven’t seen The House. Seems like a generic comedy where with this is a different take on a heist movie with a solid score attached to it.

Thank you guys for checking out our review for Baby Driver. Please stay tuned for our new reviews and blog posts. Next up is Spider-Man so I am looking forward to that. Please follow us on Twitter @XagonENT, @StefanAHoward, and @Andre_Howie. Be safe everyone and as always, Take It Easy!



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