Good and blessed morning ladies and gents, hope you are all keeping your heads up. As promised and promised here we will be reviewing Scarlett J’s latest film Rough Night. So without further ado, buckle up your seats, get your reading glasses, and let’s get to it!



The movie centers around the Jess, a young woman running for a senate position, who is recently getting married to her long-term boyfriend Peter. Her best friends Alice, Blair, and Frankie decides to take her on a Bachelorette or Hen Party before she is tied to the old “Ball-n-Chain”. But things turn for the worst when a male stripper they got is accidentally killed in the most embarrassing way. Now the group must find a way to hide the body, clear their names, and not get caught. With shenanigans after shenanigan they make things worse and dig themselves in a deeper hole than they started with.



Scarlett Johansson (ScarJo) plays the main protagonist Jess, a young woman who is lacking so much fun in her life decides to have one more adventure with her college best friends. Alice played by Jillian Bell is the bestie of Jess. She has to come to terms with things changing and moving from the past after losing her close relationship with Jess. Blair and Frankie played by Zoe Kravitz and Ilana Glazer respectively, are former lesbian lovers who reunite during the course of their misadventure and end up back together in the process. Kate McKinnon plays Pippa, a friend of Jess from Australia. She literally is one of the best parts of this movie. Paul W. Downs plays Peter, who like Pippa is one of the best elements in the film. He is the fiancée of Jess and goes beyond the norm to save his relationship after a misunderstanding. Ty Burrell and Demi Moore play Pietro and Lea, an extremely sexual couple that encounters the girls during their party.



The first set-piece begins when Jess feels like she is doing too much and not having enough fun in her life. Peter insists on her going on her Bachelorette Party so she can have some fun with her friends. This brings the girls together at a Florida airport, each having their own personal baggage they are going through. From being homeless, neglected, and divorce. the second set-piece takes place when the girls make it to the party home were they encounter Pietro and Lea. The couple comes across as extremely touchy but they are the holders of the house key for them. Their home video cameras will be a major factor in a later set-piece. The third set-piece takes place after the group is introduced to Pippa and decides to do some cocaine. The group go on a mini adventure while out and decide to get a stripper for Jess.

Still high on drugs, the third set-piece occurs when the stripper arrives and dances for the women. Alice, who wants some attention from her friends, decides to rush the stripper and jump on him but this goes horribly wrong. He ends up hitting his head on the concrete ground hard and dies instantly. This brings the women to a total panic. The fourth set-piece takes place when Peter, who received an unconvincing call from Jess, is on the move to Florida to save his relationship. He ends up coming to my area of America, go Treasure Coast, where he meets the stereotypical crazy folk that live around these part. Please know that we are all not like this lol. But he meets a man who wants a blowjob and another who wants to do the blowjob. He ends up introducing these guys together and gets a bit of cash in the process.


The fifth set-piece when the girls are trying to dump the body at sea but notice that Pietro and Lea have outside cameras. Blair is chosen to go over in hopes to persuade them for the tape that could have captured them, but she ends up having a threesome with them and learns the cameras don’t even work. The final set-piece occurs when the real stripper is knocked out by the girls and tied up. A police team comes over and hear the girls out. But they end up being the back robbers that were with the original “stripper” and are looking for diamonds they just stole. Jess tries to fight both robbers off, but is held at gun point. Good Ole Peter comes to save the day and literally plows into the house knocking the two robbers out with his car. Jess and Peter then decide to get married right away after all that excitement. Blair and Frankie get back together, Alice finds love in the real stripper, and all ends on a good note.



The movie was really a ton of fun. Seeing a movie and just shutting your brain off was really worth it. Hangover featuring women was brilliantly directed, shot, and casted. Each of these women brought something fun to this movie and it is worth it. If you are having a crap day, rough week, or just need an escape from stress, this is the movie you need to watch. i give this a solid 4 out of 5. Could have been better in parts but who cares.  The comedy in this movie is just recommended for a good dumb time.

Thank you guys for checking out our review of Rough Night. Please keep a look out for our next movie review, our new Classics Movie review, and more. Please follow us on Twitter @XagonENT, @StefanAHoward, and @Andre_Howie. Have a great hump day, stay safe in all that you choose to do, and as always take it easy!


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