Good morning ladies and gents, we are back with the “Real Talk” series and today I am going to discuss Interpretation. Specifically a dream I recently had that I took a day to analyze and get to the bottom of. Let’s get to it!


I had a dream a viewer meaning from a third person and I followed a young woman driving somewhere. She went on a drive to a Wal-Mart, or Wally world if you loved Wal-Mart as a college student, and random events happened. If you ever saw the movie A Series of Unfortunate Events with Jim Carey, the most disturbing things happened. Her body went through the car and went underground to a parking garage, if you know me in the real world you know I a key rope in my pocket leaving the string on the outside, she had hers stuck going through the asphalt with the car and her going in the opposite direction. Weird I know but I am getting to the meat of the story. Now the car is stuck in the Wal-Mart underground parking lot, which Wal-Mart doesn’t have, and she is pressing her car alarm to hear how far down it is. A “security guard” comes to help her out and shows her how to get to the garage.

This is where red flags came up for me. Though a dream and seeing this take place, I was curious to know how this guy even knew she was here. It was an empty parking lot and no one was around then he just spawned. But like I said it’s a dream. He shows her two ways to get there, a rusty elevator and an unstable staircase. She chooses the staircase after seeing how the elevator looked. I then noticed the look on the guard’s face and felt something was about to happen. I have seen enough horror movies to know what’s happening next. So they go downstairs and it looks nothing like a garage but a random holding pit. The girl being naive, finds it interesting and not noticing there are no cars there. She then sees a cot and climbs up a ladder to take a look and this is where I was yelling in my dream for her to run. The guard jumps up at her like some demon and attack her and this is where I woke up in a sweaty and loud shout, “Run!”.


How I interpreted this dream was being proactive. Though I was not interacting with this woman, I was warning her the whole way. Trying to warn her that this looks too suspect and I was right. Though I couldn’t help her because I was invisible it seems, I tried my bet to help and it turned out to be a wasted effort. I also recently took a personality test and learned is was a INFJ-A, which blew my mind. Basically I am 60% Introvert and 40% Extrovert with a sensitive soul, leader, and also guide. This made sense as to how I am in real life and in this dream I was trying to help this person and I showed compassion for someone in distress.

Guiding her with the hope that eventually she would hear me and run for her life. Though I didn’t complete the dream, it did put things into perspective of who I really am and what my personality type brings to the table. Trust me I was shocked to see myself on a computer screen in type telling me who I am and it being accurate. Though it is the rarest personality type and I do see the advantages and disadvantages it does have, I appreciate the fact that the differences I see in myself compared to other is not a bad thing. Though reading the negatives does explain how I do struggle in aspect of life, the advantages made it make sense to see how I can prevail. So at almost 28 I learned one of the final pieces to who I am as an individual, how I care for people, my silent but effective and calm approach to stressful situations and how I sort my shit out. Very pleasing indeed.


I had a dream of a young lady being abducted in broad daylight. Trying to help her out and seeing her struggle was hard, but I tried to help her out. What this says to me as the individual is it’s good to help out people and recognising that when a person is having difficulties or struggles its good to help out a best you can. The invisibility may come from the fact that I think I am invisible to women, but the helping out aspect of the dream shows me is am willing to help regardless if the opposite sex notices me or not. That’s some deep Interpretation and  am glad I took the time to analyze it for myself to appreciate basically myself.

Anyway thanks for checking this pot out in the “Real Talk” series. Be on the look out for more movie reviews and followup stories. Take it easy everyone!


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