Good morning ladies and gents, hope this new week is treating you all well. Today we will be reviewing the re-boot of The Mummy…The Mummy. Not the Brendon Fraser one but the new Tom Cruise version. Strap in and let’s dig deep into this new adaptation. Let’s get it.



The movie follows Nick Morton, a grave robber and soldier, along with his best friend Vail and their goal in finding treasure to sell on the Black Market. They raid a terrorist camp in Egypt for the buried good underground. Their misfortune begins when they discover and are cursed by the ancient tomb of princess Ahmanet they unearth while there. Once resurrected she is bent on a quest to reclaim her power and take over the world with the use of an ancient dagger. With her powers getting constantly stronger, Morton must stop her and lift the curse that is plagued on him and the world itself.



The movie follows Mission Impossible himself Tom Cruise who plays the main protagonist Nick Morton, who is a disgraced soldier and a grave robber stationed in the Middle East. Jake Johnson plays Vail, who is Morton’s best friend and is the first to be cursed by the mummy. Sofia Boutella plays the mummy Ahmanet, who was buried alive after she murdered her father and baby brother for the power she thought was rightfully hers. Russell Crowe plays Dr. Jekyll, the Nick Fury of this new “Dark Universe” universe. He is the head of a secret organization that which stops the forces of the dark world. Finally Annabelle Wallis plays Jenny Halsey, a scientist that specializes in ancient relics. She is the love interest of Morton.


The Mummy

The first set-piece starts back in the ancient days when Ahmanet is in front her father training to prove herself worthy of taking over power in Egypt. Things turn upside-down when her father welcomes a new baby into the family, which means power will go to him. She turns to the dark arts and kills her father and baby brother which leads to her own death and ends up being mummified. This ends up turning her into the new Mummy. The second set-piece takes place when Morton, Vail, and Jenny venture into the newly exploded crevice and finds her tomb. Veil becomes cursed by a bug and is killed by Morton. A flock of birds become possessed by the presence of the mummy and attack the soldiers fighter plane. This causes the plane to crash killing Morton in the process. But he comes back due to being chosen as Ahmanet’s sacrifice or “chosen”.



The third set-piece takes place after realizing Morton survived, he is introduced to Dr. Jekyll and his secret society. He explains the fundamentals of the supernatural world to Morton and what he is currently facing has to be handled. This revelation makes clear to us as the audience know that the “Dark Universe” cinematic universe is going to be implementing a Marvel type approach to their own series of films. So be on the lookout for a new Wolf-man or Dracula film as a continuation to this movie. If successful. The last set-piece takes place when Morton is turned into a fellow power user like the Mummy by the ancient dagger and kills her once and for all. Saving the world from this devastation, but new dangers are on the way.



This movie to me was an okay watch if I am brutally honest. The positives were the jump scares were amazing. I remember one that was fast paced and caught me off guard. Luckily the rest of the audience felt the Oh My Gosh vibe too. Also the different approach or look to The Mummy was good. The original first and second were done in an era where those CGI effects worked and it did brilliantly. Seeing Brendon Fraser as an action star then was good and the origins of the Scorpion King made their own mini universe at the time. So the advancement was expected and worked. The negative was the story was weak, the plot really didn’t make that much sense, and I am not a fan of Tom Cruise. Nothing personal to him but i just don’t like him as an actor.


My rating for this movie is a 2.5 out of 10. I found it good at times but the story was too weak and not consistent throughout. One of the things that made this movie go down for me was the kids in the theater. Now I personally work with kids and love it, but most of the kids I am forced to be in a closed and dark room with are the spawns of Satan himself. The adults themselves don’t do any better but these children are just ruining the experience for people who enjoy going to the movies either alone or with friends and feeling that clam of the movie experience. I can’t tell them what to do but being around people I feel we all should show respect for where we are. My two cents.

Anyway guys thank you so much for checking out our review of The Mummy. Be on the look out for an oldie but goodie and the latest film released. As always guys take care and have a productive week. See you in the next one, take it easy!


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  1. Nerd-Feed says:

    Nice review! I think we agree on most of your points although I’m looking at the film as a fan of Tom Cruise. Would be awesome if you could check out my review – https://nerd-feed.com/2017/06/14/movie-review-the-mummy/

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