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Good morning ladies and gents, hope your week has been prosperous. Today we will be reviewing Wonder Woman or as I called it Feminism the movie. It was by far the best D.C. movie I have seen so far in the current Cinematic Universe battle. Without further ado let’s get to it.



The movie centers around the super heroine Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman, a princess of an Amazonian island of women, and her quest to stop war in the world. She meets Steve Trevor, a spy who infiltrated the Germans, and embarks onto the new world in an effort to stop Ares and bring peace to the world. But her ignorance is pushed to the limit when she realized that Ares is not the main enemy to man. But man itself. She must now come to terms with learning about the realities of the world while keeping her principal teachings that has been engraved in her since birth.



Gal Gadot plays Diana Prince, a princess who travels to the war in hopes to stop Ares and bring peace to man. Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, an American working with British Intelligence, is a spy that gathers information on the German’s new weapon and hopes to end the war and go home. Robin Wright plays Antiope, an Amazon warrior who trains Diana in secret and is the most fierce among her people. Well until Wonder Woman comes along. Davis Thewlis plays Ares, the god of War, is the main antagonist in the movie. He manipulates man to cause war among themselves and intern is the main cause of the world’s destruction. Danny Huston plays General Ludendorff, is one of the antagonists in the movie. He is the German leader in the war and co-developer of the enhanced gas bomb.



The first set-piece occurs when Diana saves Steve from drowning in the nearby sea. Escaping from German trackers, Steve is followed through the portal that leads to the Amazon’s island and kills one of the Amazon warriors. The second set-piece occurs when Antiope is the one murdered and the warriors question Steve on why he came to their home. They use the Lasso of Truth on him to tell all and this inspires Diana to help him stop Ares, who she assumes if killed the world will have peace. The third set-piece comes into play when Steve reports to his superiors with the information and they decide to not take action and retreat. Diana sees that the men are fearful and that they are weak to not help the people suffering. Feminism anyone? No…okay. This leads Steve and Diana to go on their own to the frontline.


The fifth set-piece comes in when Diana finally showcases her abilities on the frontline. She ventures into the battle field and helps the army move forward to the local town. While there, and through a mad sequence of CGI, Diana takes out the Germans one by one. The most impressive piece of CGI is when the guys give Diana a boost and she dive-bombs into a clock tower full of Germans and blows it up. It was very much impressive. The final set-piece occurs when Diana goes into the German base camp and kills Ludendorff, thinking it’s Ares. It is revealed that Ares was one of Steve’s superiors and was in on the entire thing. Diana and Ares battle but she is not as strong as he is. Steve on the other hand sacrifices himself, blowing up the chemicals in a plan high in the shy. Seeing this, and having obvious love for him, she awakens her true Wonder Woman powers and kills Ares. Freeing the members of the German army from the war mindset and theoretically ending the War in the sector. She now works at Wayne Enterprise and is a member of the Justice League.



This movie was absolutely fantastic. I have to say it is one of the best D.C. movies in recent years that I actually enjoyed. Plus there is so much color in it. Suicide Squad showed me that the D.C. Universe knows the concept of color and humor within their movies. Meaning having gone through the Batman series with so much darkness. Obviously that’s the theme for Batman but it was too dark. With Superman it’s just depressing to watch. “Martha!!” was a helpful name to drop in Batman v Superman, but on a whole it is depressing. With this Wonder movie I feel D.C. just started to compete with Marvel. Color, humor, and characters that genuinely bring something to the table.


Good Job and a solid 5 out of 5 rating. The feminism/man hate in the movie I could do without personally. It’s a subplot in every movie to date and we as men get it. Oh men are no good or we are incapable. There are other ways to show female “strength” without putting the only other gender down, but hey just my opinion. Like I always say I am a man who voices his opinion for my company. Showing what I feel and found interesting within a movie. But taking out the man hate and so on, this was an unbelievable movie and I hope D.C. uses this momentum and make Justice League and Aquaman better films.

Thank you so much for checking out our review of Wonder Woman. We appreciate it if you could like and share this post. Next up on the list The Mummy so stay tuned. As always guys Take it easy!


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