Good afternoon ladies and gents, Happy Memorial Day. Today I will be reviewing the latest in the Alien franchise, Alien Covenant. I have been stockpiling as much info on this to provide meaningful content. So let’s get to it!



The story starts off on a space expedition with the crew of the Covenant. Composed of people in existing relationships, they are on course to find a new colony and populate it with embryos. After receiving a distress call from Elizabeth Shaw, from Prometheus, they decide to take the chance and ventures to that planet. Filled with air and natural resources to colonize, they make the decision to venture out to find who sent the call. But they end up releasing the destructive presence of this new world with they deception of an old friend. The battle to save themselves and the humanity they have aboard their ship hang in the balance.



The movie stars Michael Fassbender as David and Walter, androids sent along to aid in expeditions. Kathrine Waterston plays Daniels, the main protagonist and the new commander of the Covenant. Danny McBride plays Tennessee, the commanding pilot of the Covenant and the film’s second protagonist. This is by far his best performance in a serious-themed film. Finally Noomi Rapace reprises her role as Elizabeth Shaw, the main protagonist from the Prometheus. She is essentially the incubator for a majority of David’s experiments and it is her distress call that leads them to the planet.



The drama starts when the ship encounters hazardous trails in space which causes the ship, Mother, to instruct Walter to wake the crew. James Franco, Daniels’ husband and the ship’s commander, dies in the corrosion. Sadly James’ part in the movie was cut short. The second set-piece takes place when the crew receive the call from Elizabeth in a piece of space debris. Tennessee deciphers the calls and the crew determine that it’s best to go and see what and who is sending it out. Leaving their original route to the planet they were originally heading to, which would take more years to reach than the alien filled planet. The crew chooses the weeks voyage over the multiple year one. The third set-piece takes place when the crew are exploring their new surroundings, one of the military members accidentally steps on a hive that implants itself into his body. Another alien goes into the body of another when a second military member inhales a large amount of alien dust. These two begin to breakdown physically leaving the crew to rush back to the ship.


The first soldier begins to have spasms and this is where the first alien emerges. The fourth set-piece happens when David “saves” the crew from the two aliens that grew from the soldiers, taking them to his sanctuary. It is here where Daniels learns about what happened to Shaw and David’s plan to use then as incubators to be experimented on. The final set-piece happens when David kills Walter and releases the new Queen alien on the surviving crew. They manage to kill the original queen from the planet while escaping, but a new one emerges from the face of the surviving military member. Daniels, Tennessee, and Walter, actually David in disguise, takes the fight to the alien queen and manages to release it in space through the emergency airlock. Daniels and Tennessee decide to continue on to the new world and finalize their mission since they are already out there, so they re-enter the hyper-sleep tubes. This is where David reveals himself to Daniels and places two alien embryos among the human embryos, beginning his new plot to create the perfect alien species.



This movie for me puts together the story of Prometheus and the original Alien movies from the 70s to 90s. Seeing where the aliens started, the master plan to perfect the queen alien through a perfectionist android, and the levels each generation of crew go through to stop them. Sigourney Weaver’s depiction in the alien series is the continuation of this story. Similar to what Star Wars did with starting with the last portion first and the first portion last, the Alien series begins with the failed Prometheus with Elizabeth Shaw as one of its original figure heads to now in this film Daniels. She is a good character but we are not given too much of her to know her a person. But she does her thing and takes the story forward to Ms. Weaver.


This movie gets a 4 out of 5 for me. Though it was one of the best in the series for me it tends to drag on and you can feel it. The jump scares are there but it stops when the plot picks up momentum. Do I recommend it? Yes I do. It’s a good watch if you are an Aliens fan or a fan of horror. You will enjoy it especially in a pack theater.

Guys thanks you for checking out our review of Alien Covenant. Next up is Pirates and Baywatch before the premiere of Wonder Woman so stay tuned. Thank you for reading once again and I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day. Take it easy!



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