Good morning ladies and gents, today we will be reviewing one of the greatest English folk lure tales, King Arthur-Legend of The word. Will this be a great movie? Will the guy from Sons of Anarchy do a better job than Pacific Rim? Let’s get to it.



The movie depicts the story of the legendary sword Excalibur, the most powerful sword in existence, and the growth of King Arthur becoming a ruler of England. Arthur in this depiction is a orphaned Prince that is raised in a Brothel by a group of prostitutes after the death of his family. During his aging montage he forgets where he comes from and who he is, in terms of lineage. With the reign of his tyrant uncle, Arthur is summoned by a group of rebels that wants peace over the land. With strength, teamwork, and what Vin Diesel loves “Family”, Arthur becomes the King by his own choosing and embraces the responsibility that comes with it.



The film stars Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur, the prince who must reclaim his birthright and lead his people from the ruling of his uncle. Jude Law plays King Vortigern, the uncle of Arthur and the cause of his parents’ death. Astrid Berges-Frisbey plays the Mage, who turns out to be the mage and power source of the team. Known also a Merlin’s apprentice. Eric Bana plays Uther Pendragon, Arthur’s father and the former King. He dies in the early portions of the movie and is seen mainly through flash backs. Djimon Hounsou plays Sir Bedivere, the leader of the resistance that needs Arthur to use the Sword. Finally Aiden Gillen as Goosefat Bill, a former Knight, skilled archer, and Little Finger in GoT.


The movie kicks off in Dragon Ball Z style fashion with upscale elephants and outrageous fight scenes. The death of Uther plays a vital part in Arthur’s progress with the sword because he saw him die in front of him as a child. The memory haunts him for a majority of his life, which he suppresses in his adult years. The second set-piece comes when Arthur is captured and sent to a prison camp. Here is introduced to the sword by the legend himself, David Beckham. Arthur is the only one who manages to pull the sword out and unleashes the power which alerts the dark forces that rule. The third set-piece comes into play when The Mage sends Arthur to a supernatural land to train with the sword. It is here where he begins to overcome the mental block of his parents death and tames the sword as his own.


The fourth set-piece comes when Arthur challenges his uncle with the resistance. Here CGI and amazing Dragon Ball Z power moves take over. We see the full power of the sword and the growth Arthur has had with it. The final set-piece is the finale of the movie. Losing the battle King Vortigern kills hi daughter as a blood sacrifice to regain the same power that killed Arthur’s parents. He takes Arthur to an alternate location in the super form that haunted him for years and sets out to kill the last remaining line to the throne. Arthur learns his father was the tone which held the sword and defeats the demon with the help of his father’s spirit. So end the reign of terror and the beginning of the new King.



This was a very entertaining movie to see. Great fight scenes and hilarious moments throughout. Nothing about this is historically accurate, so don’t see this expecting to actually learn something. I give this movie a solid 4.5 out of 5. One of the best movies I have seen Charlie Hunnam in and his British accent was entertaining to hear.

Thank you for checking out our review of King Arthur, next up is Alien Covenant. See you soon and have a great day. Take it easy!


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