Good afternoon ladies and gents, I come to you from my phone of all places to talk about expectations. Expectations are manifestations of what we think will happen before they do. They can place a false reality in front of us that doesn’t necessarily exist. Today I am going to be digging into some of the common expectations most of us and even myself have come in contact with.

Sexual expectations play a great part in many of our lives. You know the common story, a guy or girl is on a date with a person and it comes to mind that they have been going out many times prior. What is placed in that person’s head is the wonder that sex will be on the cards before the date is over. And yes guys women love sex too, believe it or not. But this expectation places pressure on you on that date or meet up. You have in your mind of the events happens and you get giddy with hope. What then happens is nothing and you are left feeling down , but for what? You are feeling bad for something that was never going to take place and you end up blaming the other party. If we take expectations out of dating or just general interaction we may not feel disappointed but the not happenings in our mind. 


Okay now we are hitting a subject close to home for me. Work Expectations are expectations that come from you or the employees you have around you on yourself. Now this is both a good and bad level of expectation. We hold ourselves high with the confidence and ability to do a job and are capable of doing said job. The down. Side to this is expectations others have upon you that you can’t fulfill. This brings unneeded pressure upon yourself because you think you are slowing things down or not up to scratch with what they have in mind. Well news flash, you are good enough because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have gotten the job in the first place. 

It’s fine to have a set level or set goal for yourself when entering a job. Shows you have ambition and a drive for more success. But it’s a bad thing when you let others expectations of you play a pressure filled part on how you perform. They may have you at this super high level that you feel less within yourself for not being able to meet it. But it’s not your fault entirely. It’s unfair on you to take their view on you to heart. It’s not bad that others expect things from you and about you. But if you beat yourself over it or can’t go that high, don’t blame yourself. As long as you tried and made effort then you are good. 


This is me in a nutshell. Life expectations if when you see yourself further along than what your reality is. You may have had a vision of being married before a certain time, getting a job post college at a certain time, or whatever. Life, though it’s a bitch doesn’t work like that. It’s a tough pill to swallow at times but it’s the truth. Life has its own schedule and will for us til the day we no longer are here. Just live it up and have fun in a respectful way. Remember it’s short.

These are just a few of the many expectations we have. There are obviously others, but just want the point out the more common ones a majority of us have. Thank you for checking out this post, we will resume the movie reviews soon so stay tuned. Anyway everyone have a great day, thanks once again, and as always TAKE IT EASY!


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