Good morning my Xagon Speaks readers, today I will be reviewing Kevin Hart’s new movie What Now? After seeing is previous standup work, Laugh at My Pain and Let Me Explain, I went into this with a reasonable level of expectation. Will it be worth it or not? Here we go.

The movie had a case of 2 identities where the first and last portions don’t necessarily match. First and last portions are a based on a spy movie. Like the poster above. With Hallie Berry and other notable actors, it felt like these parts did not really work well with the standup part. But let’s move to the main portion which is his standup material. Now it was good, in fact pretty damn good. His material has gotten better and better in each special he does. His transition from being a married man, to a divorced man who is on the roads, meaning hooking-up, and now being an engaged man really shows. Its like each chapter of his life helps him find new ways to make it funny. The issue I have is I have seen this before. Not the material he uses but the way he delivers it. The first time I was introduced to Kevin I was impressed with his high voice jokes and his stage presence. But like I said it’s still the same type of delivery.


When talking about his kids he tends to go here, then there, back to here, and then he eventually gets to the point. Like this for example, “I go to church Sundays to volunteer with the kids, first of all these kids are good kids kinda confused but good kids, Telling them about God is difficult, sometimes I use candy to keep them in line, here’s the thing with candy, kids love candy so don’t judge me for making the process smooth for me people, head-aches are a thing”, and then he has a tiny dry few seconds then he goes for another joke in the same sequence. Don’t get me wrong it’s his stuff and the way he found his success. But I was expecting something else in terms of better to warrant the price I paid to view it. Grant it the price was $6.25 on a Sunday morning, but you get my point. It’s blown up to this big event and for me because I am used to his jokes, and really not a fan of his personally, I just found it repetitious.


Will this be a good movie going experience for his fans, absolutely it will. But for me I have a Dave Chappelle bias, with Richard Prior, Dane Cook, and Bill Cosby so I am used to greats and that level of material. There are new comics out now so I am open but with Kevin Hart I just find him somewhat over-hyped and over-rated. But hey that’s just me. I give this movie overall a 5.5 out of 10. Anyway thanks for reading you guys. This is just my own take from what I saw so just go see it for yourself and form your own opinion. Have a great day and as always, take it easy.


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