Good morning my Xagon readers, today I am bringing you a different type of post. This post or series I will be using to dive into some of my views that I see in this society we live in. Now this is not for the faint of heart, but it about me expressing how I see things in this beautiful world that we live in.


First up is the church or organized religion. Now the church has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I recall being forced to go to Sunday School and me rebelling to go. Don’t get me wrong the Orthodox Catholic church I was going to was amazing I just didn’t see the importance at the time. But as I got older I saw the importance of having a belief in a religion you feel connected with minus the church. The issue I have with a set “church” is not churches itself but how a church is ran. I have been to churches where mass drama is, people being fired, and overall treated like shit. The church I attend now is decent for the most part but with a change in Pastors have tainted my opinion. You can say give them a chance to experience their style, but personally when I see the new members I don’t feel like I can be led by them. Boring is harsh but honest.


But how does this relate to society you ask…let me tell you. The sex filled or oversexualized society we live in drastically conflicts with the Word. Christianity in today’s age is now seen as a joke. Listening to the Catholic station in my car for the past week the main topic has been how Christianity can conform to fit the world of today. With people choosing not be apart of churches or choosing to go the non-denominational route. Organized religion is in a losing battle. The only time I experienced people coming together in terms of Praying was the Orlando shooting, Hurricane Mathew, and the Paris attacks. Mainly hashtags on social media. But that’s the only unified time I see people actually come together in a religious sense. It is a joke when you have Christian people doing non-christian things, go to church on a Sunday, and repeat the process. I am not saying Christians are perfect, but according to the Word they are to be the followers of Christ and teachers of what he taught. But as I see it there are many faults with that and as a result an increasing number of people are walking away from the faith.


Second up this election, Trump v. Clinton. Now this election has been an interesting thing to watch. With slander campaigns and dirt being digging up on each candidate. It’s interesting to see. I included this based on the phrase “The Past is in the Past” and how in certain times it’s an acceptable thing to use. I bring this up due to the fact that Donald Trump is being slandered in the media based on sexual harassment issues. Obviously it is a serious thing that should not be taken lightly, but I am referencing the past in this situation. Hillary was most recently in the whole Benghazi scandal and she has had her own scandals, both past and present. But I don’t like how the media is conveniently attacking the Donald and not bringing up certain things Clinton has done. Just like with the Bill Cosby situation I see this as okay you have all the allegations but when I see proof then my view will be changed. Bill Cosby has been proven guilty so the evidence is out. But what I find ballsy about this with Donald is how ready he is. He is ready to take a lie detector and attack this head on. He is not afraid to prove what the truth is. So I am looking forward to see what his response will be.

But how is this a contradictory thing. Let me say this as a disclaimer, I am not here to pass judgement, this is just my opinion and view. If you are a man or woman in this society and you have either had sex with a ton or people or had done obscene things people will say well the past is the past and that does not define you as a person. This statement I absolutely agree with, a person can do terrible things but they can grow and learn from them to be a better person. So why not do the same for Donald, if he is proven innocent. The women are coming out of the woodwork now, but i never heard anything from them when he was on the Apprentice or on Comedy Central getting roasted. But because he is running for Presidency and people don’t like him as a person they choose now as the best time to dig up dirt to slander his image. Don’t you think that when he was young he made mistakes and learned from it. Didn’t we make mistakes in our lives that we grew from. There is no perfect person, and I assure you Hillary is not one, but to attack him for things of he did in the past is just wrong. Like I said if he is proven innocent great for him for having balls to stand up to those allegations which he is doing, but if found guilty then he is guilty. I know no one would want what they did back in the day to be brought back in an attacking sense.


Lastly women/ young girls of today and the pressure they have. The way I see it I feel young girls in this society are being led astray by their role models and peers. Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s I was around girls who yeah had issues but stuck it out and grew into lovely women. From what a see a number a girls and women are following trends of today to feel better about themselves in a shortcut manner rather than a fixing it yourself mentality and growing from it. I am not saying that feeling good about yourself is not a good thing but having plastic surgery, conforming to what everyone is doing just to get that level of approval is wrong. I am a male so I can only relate to my experience as a man. Growing up for me I felt ugly and i didn’t like myself much. When I moved to America I made a concentrated effort to better myself, from playing football, soccer, lifting weights, whatever I did I wanted to be in a better place than when I left my country. I am not saying I am 100% better now personally as I am helping myself, but i am 75% better than I have ever been and I enjoy the little things I do for myself. I will never understand what women go through, but I understand that the self-image for women in this country is really messed up. I can say the same for men and boys in the same regard, but women are doing too much for the wrong kinds of attention that I feel a percentage of them are being led by the wrong factors.

This is the first installment in this series. I expect to do more but this is just a way to get things off my chest that I find alarming nowadays. Anyway thanks for reading and I will be back with the normal movie reviews. As always, take it easy!


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